3 Trending Colour Palettes to Update Your Patio Table and Chairs Look

By May 10th, 2018

Patio Table and Chairs

Just because your patio furniture is outdoors, it doesn’t mean it can’t be stylish, trendy, and pop with lots of colour in the same way that your indoor décor does. There are many options for choosing the perfect patio table and chairs and you can easily find items that are versatile and match your favorite style of the season. Let’s explore what to look for when buying a patio set, as well as three on trend colour palettes.

What to Look for When Buying Outdoor Furniture

When looking for the perfect furniture pieces to complete your outdoor area, you want items made of quality materials, such as synthetic resin, that are durable and can handle outdoor weather conditions. However, it isn’t just the frame of the furniture that you need to consider, it is also the material. You want fabrics that are water-resistant and UV-resistant, which prevents the bright patterns and colours from fading in the sun.

Once you have determined the right materials for your outdoor furniture, you can choose the perfect colour combination for your outdoor space.

Colour Combination #1: Lush Green Buddha

The colour green is associated with energy, nature, and freshness, and this hue evokes all those feelings within one simple palette. Add beautiful green pillows to your seating arrangements and a unique water feature to provide a relaxing and calming environment. You can also include lots of deep green plants, hanging basket chairs, and cement or stone décor to truly create an area that feels like a lush Zen garden.

Colour Combination #2: Colourful Summer Crush

You can make your outdoor area embody summer fun with a cheerful colour combination that features turquoise, yellow, or orange. Lots of brightly coloured items create a space that is energetic and happy. Use colourfully patterned rugs on your patio floor and pillows on your furniture. You can also incorporate bright outdoor dishware and platters to really create a fun environment for those summer barbecues. You don’t want to forget about the whimsical outdoor décor such as garden gnomes or lanterns either. Browse the wide selection of bright and colourful décor items at your local TERRA Greenhouse.

Colour Combination #3: Blazing Red Earth Tones

With this colour combination, you can create a bold, rich look. Choose deep red and orange fabrics for your pillow and rugs. Wood is a great accent and you can incorporate large wood lanterns, wood artwork, and other wooden décor items throughout your patio space. It is also a great idea to grow red plants and trees, such as a Japanese Maple tree, around your patio area to add even more vibrant colour to your outdoor space.

For more ideas and inspiration on creating the perfect patio, visit your local TERRA Greenhouse. You can browse their selection of plants, outdoor patio furniture, and décor items to create the perfect colour combination for your outdoor haven.


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