Add Colour! Ways to Make Your Perennial Garden Pop

By June 19th, 2018

Perennial Garden

Whether you want to create a garden with a relaxing, calming environment or one that is a talking point among all your neighbours, the colour of your perennial garden is key. Colour in perennial plants can be difficult to find because most of the bright colours that you desire in a flower garden come from annuals. However, you can still create that beautiful, show-stopping garden that you’ve always wanted by choosing the right plants. Here are a few perennial flowers to consider as you develop your flower garden plans.

1. Day Lily

This perennial flower is not only bright and beautiful, but it also offers a sweet fragrance to your outdoor space. These full and part sun flowers can easily brighten up a space with their stunning yellow colour, making them perfect for creating a focal point in your garden.

2. Shasta Daisy

Shasta Daisies are large and can grow up to three feet tall. The petals of this perennial plant are bright white and the cheerful yellow centre adds a pop of colour that is stunning, lively, and adds a dash of whimsy to your outdoor area.

3. Bleeding Heart

If you not only want to add plenty of colour to your garden, but fun texture and contrast as well, try planting Bleeding Hearts. These flowers boast a unique heart-shaped design with a bright pink colour. Plus, when the flowers bloom, they reveal beautiful white petals inside.

4. Blue Marvel Perennial Sage

The Blue Marvel Perennial Sage is the perfect addition to any flower garden. It has violet and blue flowers that grow in clusters, which can immediately catch your eye in a garden of any size. These beautiful, stunning flowers are also very fragrant, which create the perfect combination.

5. Coral Bells

Coral Bells are an excellent way to add lots of colour without too many flowers. Coral Bells feature beautiful foliage that comes in different colours from purples, greens, reds, and oranges. Fire Chief Coral Bells, for example, have deep red-coloured leaves and when in bloom, has striking white flowers that will make this perennial a conversation starter at all your summer parties.

For more ideas on the perfect perennial plants to grow in your perennial vegetable garden or flower garden, visit TERRA Greenhouses. Browse their wide selection of perennial plants, receive expert advice, and get ideas and inspiration for creating a garden with plenty of colour.


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