Blooms All Year: A Perennial Garden for Every Season

By October 25th, 2017

Having a beautiful garden all year is possible with the right planning. You can enjoy colourful flowers and greenery year-round, even in the winter months when you select perennials that look great. When selecting which perennials to plant in your yard and garden, look for those that will bring colour in the winter to break up the snowy landscape, and shrubs that stay green in the cold instead of going bare. The best perennials for each season are:


  • Evergreens – Consistently lush throughout the year, evergreen perennials add greenery to your garden no matter the season. They create a rich texture and a versatile background for your other plantings.
  • Hellebore – Hellebore flowers are hardy and resistant to the elements, even snow and frost. These perennial flowers are low maintenance and have a long blooming season so they transition nicely into the spring.


  • Roses – Roses are beloved among gardeners everywhere for their classic beauty and wide variety of blooms. These perennial plants are hardy and resilient and will add elegance to your garden. Taking the time to learn proper pruning techniques will help your roses prosper year after year. 
  • Peonies – Peonies are a long-lasting flower with a stunning appearance and fragrance. They bloom in late spring and will give you garden a delicate but striking effect. Freshly cut and arranged peonies bring the beauty of spring inside your home. 
  • Spring bulbs – Hyacinths, tulips, and daffodils are among the most popular spring bulbs that can resist winter temperatures and bloom with a burst of colour in early spring. Spring flowers are a welcome sight after winter and breathe new life into your garden to herald in a new season.


  • Clematis – Blooms multiple times throughout the summer, great colour and vine.
  • Poppies – Poppies bloom just in time to welcome summer. Their season is relatively short, making them a perfect complement to other longer-lasting flowers. Their dramatic appearance lets them stand out as garden show-stoppers during their blooming season. 
  • Dahlias – Low maintenance and brilliant to look at, dahlias are a stunning addition to a summer garden. With just a little work you can enjoy dahlias in the warmth of summer and add them to fresh cut floral arrangements around your home.
  • Purple coneflower – These daisy-like beauties are hardy and resilient flowers that add a pop of purple to your summer landscape, making them a perfect pairing with the other blooms in your perennial garden.


  • Hydrangeas – Hydrangeas are romantic, easy-growing fall flowers that make a bold statement with their large heads and stunning colors. Hydrangeas set the stage for the beginning of fall and look beautiful among a landscape of autumn leaves. 
  • Black Eyed Susans – These bold yellow flowers bloom brightly in late summer and into fall, adding a bright burst of colour well into the harvest season. These flowers are low-maintenance and hardy and they make a perfect complement to ornamental grasses and fall greenery.

With a little planning and TLC, you can create a perennial garden design that will thrive throughout the seasons and bring beauty to your yard 365 days each year. An elegant and inspired garden is within reach when you care for and cultivate perennials that please the eye with rich colors and greenery. Working with TERRA Greenhouse experts allows you to lay out the perfect perennial garden combination for your home.

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