Caring for Indoor Fountains

By November 13th, 2017

Indoor Fountains

One of today’s hottest décor trends is using fountains to bring the beauty of the outside into your home. Fountains give your home a modern look and create a soothing atmosphere with the calming sound of moving water. In addition to looking great, fountains provide humidity in the cold, dry months and help cool your home when the weather is warm.

With proper care, indoor fountains can last for years. If you’re considering adding a fountain to your home, avoid these common problems so you can keep your fountain in excellent condition:

Clean the pump on a regular basis
Fountain pumps can get clogged with dust and debris from the air, as well as algae and white scale that builds up in the water. Taking the time to clean indoor tabletop fountains will keep them functioning perfectly for years to come. Plan on cleaning smaller tabletop fountain pumps at least once a month to keep them running smoothly. Larger styles can go up to two months between cleaning.

Wash your fountain pan regularly
To wash your fountain pan, start by turning it off and removing any decorative rocks or stones that are placed inside. Use a solution of mild dish detergent and warm water with a non-abrasive sponge to clean out the pan. Make sure you remove all traces of white scale and algae to keep your fountain fresh. White vinegar also makes a great, natural cleaning solution for keeping your fountain and its parts clean.

Prevent Algae and Scaling
Your fountain will never be immune to white scale and algae growth but you can slow it down by using distilled water. This is a cleaner type of water that you can combine with anti-scaling products to keep your fountain cleaner for longer. Algae is inevitable in any type of fountain but you can keep it at bay for longer by using products designed to slow down its production in the water.

Common Problems
In addition to regular cleaning, prevent common problems that can arise with indoor fountains such as:

Spitting sounds
This is likely caused by not using enough water in your fountain. Ensure that there is at least two inches of water covering your pump so the water can flow smoothly.

Leaking is typically cause by too much water in your fountain. Make sure that you’re following the fill guidelines for small indoor water fountains and not putting too much water in it.

Foul Smell
An unpleasant smell is an indication that your fountain has algae built up and needs to be cleaned.

Keeping your indoor fountain in excellent shape is easy to do if you stay on top of maintenance and keep it fresh and clean. Browse TERRA Greenhouses selection of fountains and add the beauty of this fun water feature to your home’s décor.

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