Your Christmas Décor Garden Store Must Haves

By December 14th, 2017

Christmas Poinsettia - garden store

TERRA Greenhouses is the perfect place to start your shopping at the beginning of the holiday season. You’ll find everything you need to get decorate your home and can find great inspiration for turning your house into a cheerful Christmas scene. There’s no shortage of ideas when you visit the garden centre and bring home some of these essential holiday décor items:

Trees – Set up a lovely Christmas atmosphere in your home this holiday season by buying a majestic real tree at your local nursery. When you buy your Christmas tree at TERRA, you’ll have a great selection of varieties, from Scotch pines, Balsam Fir to Fraser Firs and the professional staff can help you choose the perfect tree for your home.

Ornaments – No Christmas is complete without ornaments, whether they’re for your tree or your holiday tabletop. Create beautiful vignettes throughout your home this holiday by shopping the garden supply store for whimsical Christmas ornaments and accessories that will turn your house into a winter wonderland.

Hostess Gifts – Indoor arrangements, a fun door matt, décor, fashion etc.

Wreaths – If you’ve ever wanted to create your own Christmas wreath, head straight to TERRA for everything you need to get started on this fun and festive project. Your local store will carry all the garden tools, plants, and flowers you need to build your own custom wreath, and the sales staff can provide you with expert advice. If you’d rather skip the hard work and just enjoy the beauty of a real wreath, shop the selection of beautiful Christmas door decorations and pick up a lovely piece for your home.

Outdoor planters – Greet your guests with merriment and cheer as they approach your home to find charming wintery outdoor planters on your front step. Your garden store has everything from the planters themselves to all the things you can put in them, including a great selection of Christmas flowers, plants, and evergreens to plant a stunning holiday arrangement. Creating a Christmas planter lets you enjoy the beauty of the season each time you come through your door, and it’s a long-lasting way of using plants and flowers to decorate your home over the holidays. An outdoor planter can last all season long with the right care.

Decorating your home for Christmas is one of the most fun parts of celebrating the season. Work with the experts at TERRA Greenhouses to find the best décor items for any area of your house. Save special pieces to bring out of storage every Christmas as well as adding a few new accents, plants, and flowers to your décor collection each year. Show off your spectacular holiday ornaments and accessories as you open your home to friends and family and enjoy the Christmas season in style.


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