Christmas Outdoor Planters 101

By December 13th, 2017

Christmas Outdoor Planter

‘Tis the season for festive foliage and wintery plants. Creating beautiful holiday décor with planting containers, greens, and the season’s best flowers is easy to do, and the results will have you in the Christmas spirit from the moment you bring your supplies home. There are many ways to decorate with plants this holiday and ornamental plants are some of the best ways to bring natural beauty to your home during the winter months.

The ground may be frozen but there’s no reason why you can’t have a thriving winter garden. Choose from a wide assortment of Christmas plants that you can grow outside throughout even the coldest months. Some of the most popular choices for holiday plants include:

  • Flowering Quince – Cheerful red winter blossoms are a bright addition to your winter landscape. Plant in large outdoor planters to accommodate thick and thorny roots. Quince is hardy enough to survive cold climates and snow. Plant in spring and fall and water your quince until the snow sets in.
  • Boxwoods – These evergreen shrubs have bright waxy leaves that gleam in the frost and provide a lovely contrast to needled evergreens. Boxwoods create a beautiful texture in your outdoor planters. Water boxwoods until the snow sets in, and then enjoy the simple, low-maintenance upkeep of this pretty shrub.
  • Holly – A quintessential Christmas plant, holly can grow in even cold and snowy conditions. Holly trimmings make for beautiful wreaths and indoor ornamental holiday bouquets while the plants look festive outdoors. Holly takes pruning well so you can shape it to suit your containers and arrangements.
  • Winterberry – Winterberry is a variety of holly that loses its leaves and reveals colourful red berries and decorative branches. Winterberry branches are a staple in many holiday floral and greenery planters.

Care and maintenance of winter outdoor plants is typically minimal as they are hardy enough to survive cold temperatures and typically require watering only until the ground freezes. Look for types of plants that can be trimmed and made into indoor holiday ornaments so you can enjoy the beauty of your plants no matter where you are in your home.

Create beautiful custom designed planters with the help of TERRA Greenhouse’s experts. Our staff can teach you the fundamentals of planting greenery and adding decorative elements for a magical Christmas look. Learn to make your own or work with a professional to design a beautiful winter planter that will bring your outdoor space to life. Access to wholesale outdoor planters gives you everything you need to set up your winter holiday arrangements.


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