Create a Boho Look Using Patio Accessories

By March 8th, 2018

Boho Look Using Patio Accessories

If you love a mixture of style, designs, and unique accessories, a Bohemian, also known as Boho, style is exactly what you want. Creating this look in your home, particularly in an outdoor living space, can be a fun, unique, and creative option. It doesn’t take much to achieve this design trend either, typically just a few patio accessories, and you can create a space that is relaxing, stylish, and beautiful. Here are several tips to create a Boho look on your patio.

Focus on the Lighting

When creating a Boho look, you must focus on the lighting in the space. You want to implement various lights such as lanterns and string lights that are soft in light temperature, and colourful in design. Add lighting to unexpected places with focus on show pieces such as outdoor art or pretty pathways with solar lighting. Implement unique light fixtures all around your patio to create a space that is stress-free, eclectic, and relaxing.

Use a Variety of Fabrics

When it comes to the Boho style, the more patterns, colours, and fabrics in a space, the better. Outdoor floor rugs are an absolute must to achieve this look and the more you have in the space, the easier it is to achieve your desired look. More laying the better. Plus, this is simple to do because the outdoor rugs don’t have to match. You can create a very free, exotic, creative look with a variety of patterns, textures, and colours.

Choose Alternative Seating Options

The seating you choose for your patio can also be a combination of outdoor decoration accessories. You don’t want a picnic table or a low-quality table and chairs to get in the way of your Boho look. Instead, consider seating such as hanging basket chairs and poufs covering the floor. These on trend pieces give a great variety of seating option for guests and also provide colour, style, and design flair to a space.

Think About Your Entry

When you leave the interior of your home and walk outside, you should immediately notice the Boho trend. You can do this by focusing on the entry of your space. For example, add statement patio planters with broad leaf plants such as a palm and a striking pot in jewel tones. Additionally, add patio accessories such as items that are associated with nature such as a water fountain, buddha statue and other unique trinkets around the patio to create a space full of colour and culture. You want this look to stand out as soon as you walk outside.

Creating the Boho look on your patio is possible with the right patio decorations, lots of fabric, and plenty of colour. By doing it right, you can create a space that is relaxing, on trend, and beautiful.

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