How to Create Texture with Perennial Grasses

By April 5th, 2018

Perennial Grasses

Creating a garden with a unique and distinctive look requires a little creativity. By not only planting a variety of flowers and plants but also perennial grasses, you can create a stunning and unique look. Here are a few ways that these grasses can create texture and contrast in your garden.

Add Height to Your Garden

Adding plants that grow to multiple heights is a great way to add visual interest to your garden. Grasses can grow to varying heights, with many plants growing several feet tall. The varying height levels also create a more natural look to your garden, which many people desire. Additionally, these plants make great coverings. While each plant is different, many plants can spread several feet wide, helping you easily cover the bare and unsightly spots in your garden.

Use Them to Create a Focal Point

However, not all grasses are meant to cover your garden area. Small ornamental grasses can be great plants to enrich your landscaping without worrying about blooming flowers and excessive maintenance. Some perennial grasses have beautiful colours such as whites and reds, which give your garden colour and beauty throughout the entire year, not just when its flowers are in bloom. Choose a grass that has the qualities you desire and place it somewhere in your garden where those unique features will stand out.

Be Creative in Your Placement

Perennial fountain grass, and other types of grasses, boast unique qualities and do not look like the green grass covering your yard. These plants are much thicker, taller, and can add a burst of colours that add a pop to your garden area. Additionally, these plants don’t look like the other plants that are currently growing in your garden. While other plants feature large colourful flowers, perennial grasses do not.

However, this does not mean that these grasses do not enhance your landscaping. With a little creativity, you can grow these plants in a variety of areas such as along trim and curbs, in large flower gardens and as a stand-alone plant. There are many options for grasses to create the look you desire in your landscaping and flower gardens.

There are many ways you can implement perennial grasses into your home’s landscaping. Visit your local TERRA Greenhouse location for more ideas, inspiration, and expert advice on creating the perfect and most stunning garden area this season.


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