Create a Zen Space with Patio Décor

By March 13th, 2018

Lavender - Patio Décor

Your patio and garden can be the perfect area in your home to relax and enjoy a stress-free moment. With plenty of sunshine, fresh air, and the right outdoor yard decorations, you can create the ideal location to enjoy yoga, meditate, read a book, or take a few deep breaths. Here are a few tips for creating the perfect stress-free space.

Focus on Comfort

When you are trying to relax, you must be comfortable. As you decorate your outdoor area, consider furniture that is plush and soft such as comfortable pillows. On your chairs and other patio furniture, opt for lots of pillows and soft cushions.

Soften your Colours

When summer begins, many people begin choosing garden décor with bright colours. These colours are certainly ideal for the summer months, and create feelings of happiness, optimism, and energy, however, if you are creating a Zen space, consider more neutral colours. The colour blue, for example, helps an individual feel calm, relaxed, and secure.

Install Water Features

When you are creating a space to meditate and remove yourself from the hustle of reality, you don’t want to hear traffic, or wailing sirens. While it can be hard to remove all the sounds from the outdoors, by placing waterfalls throughout your space, you can replace the worldly noise with falling water, which is known for its soothing and calming effects. You can browse the selection of ponds and fountains at TERRA to find exactly what you need to quiet your patio.

Include Plenty of Plants

Nature has a way of calming an individual. It helps you step outside your stressful life and focus your energy on relaxing and breathing. When creating a Zen space, include an ample amount of plants that are calming and relaxing. Add plants that bring you immense joy. You may also want to consider lavender as that not only creates a beautiful outdoor space, but provides an aroma that is relaxing and soothing.

Don’t Forget the Lights

The lighting is an important part of any patio décor. If you desire a relaxing area, you don’t want to install several bright lights in the space. Instead, you need lights that create a more peaceful environment. Lanterns, lamps, and candles are all excellent ways to light up an area yet still provide a tranquil environment.

For more ideas on how to create the perfect space to meditate, relax, and de-stress, stop by your local TERRA Greenhouses. You can get the help, ideas, and the patio décor you need to create the perfect area in your home.


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