Creative Combinations: Hanging Basket Flowers

By March 20th, 2018

Hanging Basket Flowers

As you liven up and beautify your yard this summer, there are many possibilities. You can add a variety of both perennial and annual plants in flowerbeds and gardens. You can also add numerous plants to patio areas to create a calming and colourful landscape. Another option, that is simple to do and can liven up an area with very little work, is to add hanging basket flowers to the exterior of your home. Whether you include hanging baskets flowers to the front of a home or to your patio area, the mixture of colours and textures in each basket brings a fresh and unique look to a space. While the hanging baskets at TERRA Greenhouses are not available until May, here are three hanging flower basket ideas you can consider for your own home.

Look at Me Hanging Basket

This hanging basket features a variety of annual plants in multiple colours. It includes an assortment of impatiens, wandering jew, and a central pink begonia blend to create a rainbow of colours. This is a shade basket, so you will want to make sure this basket stays in shaded areas to provide the colour and the texture you desire all season long. This basket is 12-inches in size.

Sizzle Sun Hanging Baskets

When hanging flowers outdoors, you may need flowers that can tolerate full sunlight. The Sizzle Sun Hanging Basket provides exactly what you are looking for. This basket features many flowers that thrive in direct sunlight including petunias, calibrachoa, wandering jews, and geraniums. This coir-lined basket is 16-inches in size

14-Inch Cone Basket

When hanging flowers outdoors, you don’t have to stick with the usual design and size options. A cone basket provides the same benefits as a typical basket yet it also boasts a distinctive cone shape. The Cone Basket is 14-inches in size and features a unique woven cone. The plants require full sunlight and this combination has multiple plants including both pink and white geraniums, a potato vine, and purple calibrachoa.

As you choose the right hanging basket for your home, you want to make sure the item can survive in the amount of sunlight in the specific location. There are many combinations of colours and textures available, and you can find something available for the exact location you want. For more ideas and inspiration on hanging basket flowers, how to care for them, and the combinations available, visit a local TERRA Greenhouse location. However, keep in mind that hanging baskets will not be available at these locations until May. Until then, however, experts can help you choose the right flowers for your home and offer expert advice, ideas, and inspiration on how to turn your yard into a stunning haven.


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