How to Decorate with Tropical House Plants

By February 22nd, 2018

Plants of Steel Tropical House Plants

Tropical plants add a fun, fresh design aesthetic to any room in your home. Whether you live near the water, or somewhere wooded and chilly, citrus plants can easily transform the vibe of your living space to give it a warmer feel. Here are some great ways to decorate your home with tropical:

Consider a Succulent Arrangement

Succulents are typically one of the first types of tropical house plants that come to mind. They come in a variety of sizes, colors and shapes. Most are small enough to keep in a small glass container, or ceramic pot, for a wonderful addition to your kitchen windowsill. One thing to note, succulents do require significant sunlight (think 6-8 hours per day), so be sure to place them in a sunny, warm spot!

Places to Put This Plant: The kitchen windowsill or on an accent table in your living room

Add Exotic Flair
Put a splash of the tropics into your home with beautiful exotic plants. There are many varieties that are easy to care for and totally fool-proof no matter your level of gardening skill.

TERRA has a plant line called ‘Plants of Steel’. This line of plants is meant to be really easy to care for even for the most novice of plant owners. Here are some examples of plants included in the line of exotic plants:

Sago Palm (Cycas revoluta) – is popular for its feathery foliage and ease of care and hardiness
Sansevieria – a plant with green snake like leaves and white or cream flower stalks, easy to care for
ZZ Plant (Zanzibar Gem) – very indestructible, it needs very little care and always looks healthy
Pony Tail Palm Tree – has a sleek bulb-like trunk, and long lush curly leaves, easy to care for

No matter what you choose, you’ll not only love how easy these plants are to care for but also it will keep your home style on trend with a green lush vibe.

Places to Put These Plants: A bedroom, or the corner of your dining room, or a sunny spot in your living room.

Get Fruity
Among the most common in tropical house plants names, citrus fruit plants are a great addition to your home! Whether you’re considering a lemon, lime, or orange tree, it’s important to research their specific growing needs such as water and sunlight preferences. Generally, these trees thrive on approximately eight to 12 hours of sunlight per day, therefore you’ll need to position your plant in a south facing window. The best part about these plants? They not only make you think of the beach, but you’ll also be able to enjoy fresh fruit all year round!

Places to Put This Plant: The kitchen or by a sunny living room window

To get started decorating with tropical plants today, visit TERRA Greenhouses. We’ll be sure to thoroughly answer all of your questions, assist you with proper tropical house plants identification, and offer expert advice on care for your new citrus plants.


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