Design Like a Pro: Annual Flower Combinations that Work

By March 31st, 2018

Garden Bed of Annuals and Perennials - Annual flowers

As you plan and prepare your garden this spring, you should consider a variety of annual plants and flowers to create a colourful and stunning garden area. While there is no problem with choosing just one type of plant or flower to cover an area, choosing various flower combinations can create a beautiful and striking landscape that you can’t achieve with just one type of plant. Here are three tips for creating annual flower combinations that will make you a pro.

Don’t Be Afraid to Mix and Match

Many individuals believe they must choose similar annual flowers and plants throughout their entire garden. This is not true. You can mix and match a variety of plants to create a natural, colourful look. Don’t be afraid to mix flowers of different heights and that boast distinctive types of flowers. You should also look at flowers that have a variety of colours, which creates a more stunning masterpiece.

An example: Combine Petunias, Pinks –Dianthus Chinensis, and White Million Bells. Also, visit your local TERRA Greenhouse for other colour and texture options.

Be Cautious of the Sunlight Conditions

When combining plants, you cannot focus entirely on the colours and the design of your landscape. You must also consider the sunlight conditions of each plant. Many annuals for shade will not do well combining with annual flowers that need full sunlight. As you choose a variety of flowers to combine, make sure they all require the same conditions.

An example: Begonias and Boston Fern work well together, since they both grow large together.

Consider When the Flowers Bloom

Make sure you combine flowers that all bloom during the same time. You also want to be cautious of how long the flowers bloom for as some will bloom just during the spring months and others will continue blooming until the first frost in the fall.

An example: Petunias, Verbena and Lantana are choices that work well together.

For expert advice and more ideas on combining annual flowers, visit a local TERRA Greenhouse location. Experts can help you find the exact annual plant and flower combination you desire to create the perfect look in your yard. Putting together the perfect floral pairings is easy when you have professional advice and a fantastic selection of plants, flowers, and gardening supplies to choose from.


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