Discover the Significance of Tropical Flowers

By March 12th, 2019

Discover The Significance Of Tropical Flowers

Not only do tropical flowers add colour, beauty, fragrance, and style to a space, but they also come with much meaning. When you send a beautiful bouquet of flowers to a friend or a family member, or even by placing stunning tropical flower arrangements in your home, you are expressing an emotion, a desire, a feeling. Let’s take a look at the meanings for a handful of tropical flowers.


The lily is a very popular flower and one you will find at a local flower store. This stunning plant adds pops of colours to any type of arrangement and its large petals add much texture and contrast no matter where it is placed. If growing white lilies, this symbolizes chastity and virtue. Other colours also mean friendship, loyalty, and wealth. You will often see lilies at funerals. This is because many believe these flowers symbolize the soul of the deceased has received its innocence in the afterlife.


If you are looking for a gorgeous plant to stick at the edge of your desk or on an end table in your living room, an orchid should be highly considered. This beautiful and stunning plant has many meanings including beauty, strength, love, and luxury. In addition, for those celebrating their 14th wedding anniversary, pink orchids are the designated flower and symbolize pure love between the married couple.

Birds of Paradise

If you are looking for tropical flowers that add a lot of texture and design to a room and that can also become an immediate statement piece, the Birds of Paradise is an excellent option. This uniquely-shaped flower will immediately bring a smile on your face. This flower symbolizes joy and paradise. It helps you envision yourself in an environment, or a situation, that makes you happy and that brings an immediate smile to your face.


One of the advantages of choosing these tropical flowers for your home is there are a vast variety of species, colours, and looks available. This means you can find a plant that adds the right style, colour, and texture that you desire for a certain space. These flowers, similar to many others, represent luxury. If the flower boasts deep colours, it can represent much wealth and success and softer colours mean ample beauty and charm.

To learn more about tropical flowers or to browse the wide inventory of plant options, visit your local TERRA Greenhouse location today. You can find the perfect tropical plants that represent your feelings and emotions, gather decorating ideas, and ask experts that many questions you may have to improve and better your own gardening skills.

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