Everything You Should Know about Indoor House Plants

By January 3rd, 2019

Indoor house plants

House plants are a simple way to add a lot of colour and greenery to an indoor living space. But they can also offer much more. The right indoor house plants can improve your air quality, better your mood and energy level, and even increase the humidity in your home. Many individuals may steer away from caring for various house plants for fear of the work and knowledge required to make the plants thrive, but there is no need to worry. Many house plants are easy to maintain and even a beginning gardener can have gorgeous, full, and vibrant plants throughout their home.

To help you have a gorgeous, green, and colourful indoor living space, here are several things you need to know about indoor house plants.

Not All House Plants Like the Windowsill

Before you grab just any house plant off the shelf of your local nursery, know where you are going to place it in in your home. Some plants prefer direct sunlight while other indoor house plants prefer low light conditions. If you are looking to spruce up a corner of your house or for a plant to place on your kitchen windowsill, make sure you know how much sunlight your plant can tolerate.

Choose the Right Indoor Plant Pot

You can transfer your indoor house plants to beautiful decorative plant pots. These indoor house plant pots can add rich colour, design, and texture to a boring space. Plus, you can choose a pot that matches with your home’s style and décor. Just remember that when you look for the right indoor plant pot, you choose a container that is 1 to 2 inches larger than the current container and that it offers proper drainage.

Don’t Water Your House Plants Every Day

Too much water can damage the roots and kill your beautiful plants. Know how much water your specific plants desire but keep in mind that most just want the plant soil moist. However, some can be more picky, and it is important to know what your specific plant needs to prevent over or under watering it.

Use the Right Kind of Soil

There are many different types of soil available and each has its own purpose. If you want house plants and those in containers to thrive, choose a specific potting soil mix. This mix ensures that there are the proper minerals needed for the plants. If you have questions about the best type of soil, ask an expert at your local garden store.

Whether you are thinking about growing an indoor house plant tree or you want several indoor house plants hanging from your ceiling, knowing how to care for the plants is a must. You can talk to experts at your local TERRA Greenhouse location for growing advice and to browse their wide inventory of plants, supplies, and more.


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