Expert Design Tips for your Perennial Garden

By February 27th, 2018

Perennial Garden

There are many factors to consider when planning your garden plot of perennials. Before you dig out your shovel and soil this spring, be sure you’ve thought through the various aspects that a garden requires. You’ll want to consider your garden layout, flower colour, as well as the various heights of your plants before you get started. Explore our tips for a successful garden of perennials, below:

Garden Layout
When initially thinking through your perennial garden design plans, it’s important to consider the overall layout of your garden plot. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • How many types of flowers should you include, based on your total space?
  • What varieties of perennials are best for your climate? Also, consider how much sunlight your garden will receive per day. Is it full sun, or partial?
  • Will you be planting annual flowers as well? If so, you’ll want to leave adequate space for them in your plot.

Considering Colour
There are endless colour options for your perennial garden, which can be a little overwhelming for beginner gardeners. It’s important to consider which colours you want incorporated into your garden before choosing specific varieties of flowers. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are you trying to achieve a cohesive colour pallet in your garden?
  • Do you want your flowers’ colours to complement one another?
  • If particular flower colours are important to you, consider setting a limit on how many different colours you want throughout your garden.

Planning for Height
Because perennials come in all different shapes and sizes, you’ll want to ensure you have a balanced variety of short and tall plants throughout your garden. This will help your garden to appear fuller, and more organized.

  • Depending on the shape of your plot, you may want to stagger the heights of your flowers to ensure you can enjoy a view of those located in the back of your garden space.
  • Consider whether you’ll be cutting a specific section of your garden, to make bouquets with for example. If so, you’ll want to plan accordingly so there isn’t a big section of your garden missing once your flowers have been snipped.
  • Your local garden retailer will most likely offer pre-made perennial garden kits that have a particular height, or colour theme incorporated in the flower varieties included.

Visit the experts at TERRA Greenhouses today for additional advice and planning tips for your perennial garden.


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