Garden Supplies for Kids

By March 24th, 2018

Child smelling peonies - Garden Supplies

Planting and maintaining a garden doesn’t have to be a one-person job. It can be a family affair and a project that even young children can enjoy. If you have young kids, it is important to teach them skills in the garden and caring for a garden can begin with the perfect garden supplies. Here are a few items you need and some tips to help your children love gardening.

Build Raised Garden Beds

Raised garden beds can make gardening easier for individuals of all ages. When using a raised garden bed, you don’t have to bend down while planting. It is easier to care for the plants and the soil as well. Additionally, raised garden beds have many benefits including it provides for better water drainage for your plants. It also helps reduces the number of weeds in your garden, saving you from the dreaded task of pulling out weeds and helping to create a more beautiful garden. A raised garden bed also prevents soil compaction and tree roots hurting your garden area.

Purchase Mini Supplies

If you want to get your children excited to garden with you, give them tools to make it easy. Some important garden supplies include small shovels and garden gloves that are designed for small hands. These items are more functional for kids and they will have more fun and success digging and picking weeds.
Let Them Decorate their Own Pot

Kids love to show off their creativity and personalize their own belongings. You can excite kids about gardening by giving them their own pot and the supplies to paint it. Once the pot is complete and the paint is dried, you and your child can plant flowers or other vegetation in the pot. It is a simple project that will stimulate a love for gardening and make kids want to continue growing and caring for plants.

There are many ways to instill a love of gardening in your kids. Visit your local TERRA Greenhouse location to check out their large selection of garden supplies and other ideas to help kids garden. Experts can also provide many garden landscape design ideas, inspiration, and accessories, to make your garden kid-friendly and a success this season.


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