Getting Creative with Hanging Plants this Spring

By April 17th, 2018

Cone Basket - Hanging Plants

As you plan and prepare your landscaping this spring, step outside of the box. You don’t have to follow the traditional methods of planters and gardens to display your plants. By using a little creativity — particularly with hanging plants — you can create a fascinating and trendy look throughout your entire yard. Here are a few fun and unique ways to use hanging plants this spring around your home.

Use a Macramé

If you wish to add a little Bohemian-inspired décor into your yard accessories, insert a hanging flower basket into a macramé. Macramé is a product that is produced by tying knots in rope, cords, strings, and other materials and it create fun textures and patterns. By placing a basket inside and hanging the macramé in your yard, you can create a space with more visuals, design, and patterns which makes it an excellent addition to any patio. Here is a link to a video on how to make your own Macramé Planter.

Wrap an Orchid into Moss

Another unique way to create more visuals, textures, and design to a space is to create a Kokedama. This is a Japanese bonsai where you wrap a plant with moss and twine and it can become a rare hanging accent piece for your patio or outdoor living space. For example, you can wrap an orchid in moss and add a little colour to your yard with very little work. Additionally, Kokedama requires very little maintenance. You will need to water it regularly and hang it in the right sunlight conditions — typically in a shaded area such as under a tree. Too much sunlight may dry out these plants.

Grow Air Plants

Air plants are much different than your typical outdoor hanging plants. Air plants don’t require dirt to grow, making them easy to hang from various surfaces. These plants grow by attaching themselves to certain items such as trees, shrubs, rocks, etc. By choosing unique hanging terrariums and placing the plant in it, they can make excellent décor on your patio or in your garden. There are also hundreds of air plant species to choose from, giving you a little more freedom in the colours, look, and style that you desire in your hanging plants.

By using a little creativity, effort, and research, you can create captivating and stunning hanging baskets that provide texture, contrast, and interest to a space. For more ideas, inspiration, and expert advice on hanging plants, visit a local TERRA Greenhouse location today.


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