How to Grow Forced Bulbs in Patio Planters

By April 3rd, 2018

Spring bulbs in the ground - Patio Planters

If you don’t have much space around your home, yet you still want to enjoy stunning flowers throughout the spring and summer months, growing bulbs is an excellent solution. Even better, the entire process is fairly simple and you don’t have to be a gardening expert to achieve amazing results.

Step 1. Find the Right Patio Planter Pot and Supplies

When growing bulbs in containers, one of the most important things you can do is make sure you have the right supplies. Find an outdoor wooden planter or another container that lets the water drain and will not hold the water for long periods of time. In many instances, too much water will kill the bulb. However, you cannot grow bulbs in planters from the bulbs themselves, they need to be forced bulbs, which are halfway grown bulbs.

You also want to find the right type of soil. For most bulbs, you should use potting mix in a large patio planter. The type of potting mix you use will depend on the type of plant. Visit a TERRA Greenhouse to browse their large selection of patio planters and forced-bulbs.

Step 2. Plant Your Forced Bulbs

Once you have all your materials, you can begin the planting process. Growing forced bulbs allows you to enjoy the beauty and colour of the flowers, without waiting months for the flowers to bloom. Forced bulbs can be used as decorative pieces in centerpieces and arrangements or some can be planted outdoors. When you purchase your forced bulb collection, there are many options to create colourful planters and arrangements. Tulips, irises, and hyacinths are all popular bulb options and don’t require much care, making them perfect for the beginner gardener.

Step 3. How to Save Your Bulbs or Reuse Them Next Season

If you want to enjoy the beauty and colour of your bulbs next season, you may be able to save them, depending on the type of flower. Not all bulbs can be saved from one year to the next but hyacinths, daffodils, and crocuses are excellent options if you wish to rescue your bulbs. When saving the bulb, you must wait until the blooms have died and then you can cut the stalks, place it in a pot, and store it indoors in the sun. You can then dig up the bulbs and store them in a cool and dry environment until you are ready to begin planting once again.

For more information on planting bulbs, bulb combinations, patio planters and other gardening supplies, check out your local TERRA Greenhouse. Experts are available to offer advice and answer all your questions.


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