How to Add Colour and Texture Using Annuals for Sun

By April 24th, 2018

Creating Colour and Texture Using Annuals - Annuals for Sun

If you like to mix and match and create a new beautiful garden each year, you want to use annual flowers. These flowers will last for a year, which gives you plenty of creative freedom as you design your garden. Annuals for sun are worth your consideration if you have plenty of sunshine in your garden and you want to add lots of colour and texture. These flowers are known for their bright, bold colours and can make a great addition to any space. Here are a few annual sun plants and shrubs you may want to consider if you want bright colours and distinctive texture in your flower garden.

Snap Dragon

If you want both colour and texture in your garden, the snap dragon is a fantastic choice. These flowers require full sunlight to thrive and will bloom during the spring until the frost begins in the fall. These flowers come in bright colours — red, yellow, white, purples, etc. — and can grow up to 3 feet tall, creating excellent dimension to your garden.

Angel’s Trumpet

Angel’s Trumpet features unique flowers that hang down instead of blooming out, providing a contrast to the garden area. These flowers also boast many bright colours including oranges, yellows, pinks, and whites. The angel trumpet will truly brighten your outdoor living space.

Fireworks Grass

Fireworks Grass doesn’t feature any flowers but it easily adds a colourful twist to your garden. The grass grows tall — up to 3-feet — and is red with small green and white stripes down the middle. If you want a distinctive way to fill in gaps in your garden or even desire a plant that can stand out well on its own, Fireworks Grass is recommended.

Chenille Plant

If you are looking for texture and contrast in your garden, then you want the Chenille plant. This annual only grows up to 5-inches tall but features furry, bright red flowers. It also has dense foliage, which provides excellent coverage for your garden area.

If you are used to having full-sun perennial flowers in your garden, try something new. Annual plants and flowers offer bright and rich colours, which can turn a drab garden into a stunning area. For more ideas, growing advice, and other patio accessories, visit one of the many TERRA Greenhouse locations.


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