How to Add Colours to Your Indoor Living Area

By January 30th, 2019

How to Add Colours to Your Indoor Living Area

A living space that is bright and colourful welcomes guests and makes you feel at home. It creates a more inviting atmosphere and one that is less dreary, overwhelming, and dull. You don’t need to be a professional interior decorator to add plenty of colour and beauty to your living space. With just a few of the right accessories, you can create a home — both indoors and outdoors — that you and all of your guests never want to leave. Here are a few ways you can add colour to your indoor living area.

1. Include Tropical Flowers in Your Decorating

Tropical flowers and plants are a simple and effective way to create a rich, vibrant, and beautiful living space. Flowers such as Calla Lilies and Bromeliads grow well indoors and add ample colour and texture to an otherwise dull area. Plus, the right tropical flowers and plants can become a lush and large centerpiece or just a statement piece in the corner of a room and they help purify the air, keeping you and your family healthy.

2. Choose Colourful Pots

Whether you are planting tropical flowering plants or a common house plant, the right pot will make all the difference. Choose a plant with lots of colours, designs, and patterns. You can even find pots with holiday designs and styles. With dozens of pot options available, there is something available that not only adds lots of colour to your living space but that also matches your home’s current style and décor.

3. Accent With Colourful Accessories

Whether you are looking to enhance an outdoor patio area or your living room, include colourful and bright accessories throughout the space. This could be something as simple as bright throw pillows or a unique rug. As you look for the perfect accessories, choose bright, bold colours that make a statement and help accent your walls and other décor items.

4. Hang a Large Piece of Artwork

A simple way to add a big splash of colour is to hang a bright, large, and bold piece of artwork on your wall. You can find a piece of art that matches your style and home design, but choose an item with a lot of colour that stands out. If you have any artistic ability yourself, create your own masterpiece with the colours that you desire and showcase it on your home’s walls.

If you are looking for more ideas on how to add pops of colour to your indoor or outdoor living space, visit your local TERRA Greenhouse location. Experts can give you ideas on decorating your home and you can browse their wide selection of exotic tropical flowers and plants that will look gorgeous in your Canadian home.


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