How to Become a Smarter Gardener in 2019

By February 25th, 2019

Garden Centre Burlington

No matter your skill level and if you have a large and lush garden or just a small patio with a few planter pots, there is always room for improvement and to perfect your gardening skills. There are several things you can do and learn to become a smarter gardener in 2019 and create lush, gorgeous landscaping for your Canadian home. Let’s talk about several things you can do to become a better gardener this year and create those stunning, eye-catching, and colourful garden areas that will make all of your guests and neighbours jealous.

Using The Best Soil

Not all soil is created equal. You can purchase a variety of soil options and each is designed for different purposes from growing a vegetable garden to helping your indoor plants thrive. The right soil mix will provide the necessary nutrients and minerals that your plants need to thrive. Before you grab just any bag of soil off the shelf of your local garden centre in Burlington, do your research and talk to experts about the best options.

Choose Plants from a Local Nursery

When looking for healthy, beautiful plants for your home, you must visit a garden store in Burlington.The best nurseries will not only have a wider selection, but the plants will be healthier and better acclimated to the location, much more than what you will find at a large retail store. Plus, when you visit nurseries in Burlington, you can speak directly with experts who can answer your questions and help you make the best decisions regarding plants for your particular location.

Have Essential Garden Supplies on Hand

When you begin preparing your garden for the spring and summer months, visit garden nurseries in Burlington to ensure you have all essential gardening supplies on hand. Visiting a Burlington garden supply store will help you easily care and tend to your outdoor living spaces and ensure your plants thrive. Plus, when you have all the necessary supplies you need — and if they are in good condition — it will not only make your gardening tasks much easier, but much more enjoyable as well.

Learn About Your Plants

Every plant is different. Each will require different sunlight conditions and may need more or less water than another plant. Take the time to learn about all the plants you want to grow in your garden. The more you know about your plants, the better you can tend and care for them, meaning they will grow more lush, large, and beautiful.

If you want to become a master gardener this year, visit your local TERRA Greenhouse. You can browse their wide selection of inventory, talk to experts, and gather design ideas to create an incredible outdoor living space.


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