How to Choose the Right Plant Soil for Your Garden

By September 11th, 2018

Plant Soil for Your Garden

Whether you are a beginner gardener or an expert who has beautiful, lush planters each year, purchasing the right supplies will make all the difference for your garden. Purchasing the right plant soil is vital and if you want to be considered an expert green thumb, knowing which type of garden soil mixtures to choose is a must. Here are several tips for choosing the right soil for your garden area.

Consider Where You Are Planting

Where you choose to plant will make a difference in the type of plant soil you choose. For example, if you want large, colourful planters to line your entryway and your patio area, you want a high-quality potting soil rather than a garden soil. Potting soil can include fertilizer to keep your plants healthy as well as polymers that help prevent overwatering or under-watering these flowers. Keep in mind that when choosing any type of plant soil, you don’t want to simply grab the cheapest option. This product will often contain the fewest ingredients that will help your plants grow.

Think about the Type of Plants You are Growing

The soil you choose should be ideal for the type of plants you are growing. For example, the best garden soil for vegetables is loose and remains moist, giving plenty of space and flexibility for roots to grow and for you to enjoy a rich abundance of vegetables. When growing a vegetable garden, you also want to consider soil that contains organic matter. This material helps keep the soil soft and it provides a plethora of healthy minerals and nutrients to help your vegetables thrive.

Qualities to Look For

When looking for the best plant soil for your vegetation, there are qualities and characteristics that you want to look for. These include soil that drains well and does not hold onto too much moisture. This can drown your plants and hinder your gardening success. Additionally, you don’t want soil that is too sandy or that is similar to a clay-like substance. Ask experts, like those at your local TERRA Greenhouse location, for advice on choosing the best soil for your specific needs. It’s good to know the type of soil you currently have in your garden as well, so it’s easier to give suggestions on what to add.

Don’t Forget to Prepare

Not only is choosing the right soil vital to the success of your garden, but also the preparation of the soil. Consider a soil test prior to planting and purchasing your soil to determine what nutrients and minerals you should include. It is also recommended to break and turn the soil to ensure the nutrients, air, and other substances work their way throughout the ground. By being prepared, you will easily have a garden area that all of your neighbors and friends will envy.

If you are searching for “plant soil near me” online, save yourself some time and visit your local TERRA Greenhouse location. Experts can help you choose the supplies that will bring you the most success in both your garden and containers.


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