How to Create Beautiful Holiday Outdoor Planters

By November 27th, 2018

outdoor planters

As you bring the holiday spirit into your Canadian home, don’t forget about the outdoors. You can create a gorgeous, festive exterior that will immediately bring the holiday spirit to every guest at your door. Holiday outdoor planters are an excellent way to add some colour and catch the eye of every individual who comes to your home. Here are a few outdoor planter ideas that you should consider.

Use Holiday Plants and Greenery

If you want to create decorative outdoor planters, include various holiday plants and greenery to add colour, contrast, and lots of texture to the space. Plants such as poinsettia blooms can add pops of colour and mistletoe can add lots of texture. Plus, this plant does well in cool temperatures. You can also add lots of greenery to your home’s dreary exterior by including boughs of juniper and pine.

Choose a Decorative Planter

Don’t just choose any planter to hold your holiday plants. By choosing a festive planter, you can add even more colour and holiday designs to your space. Consider planters with holiday colours or designs and if you want to add a more personalized touch, tie a large ribbon around the outside of each planter.

However, as you choose the right decorative outdoor planters, make sure they are able to withstand the cold temperature and have proper drainage for all of your holiday plants. You may also consider commercial-grade outdoor planters to ensure your planters remain in tip-top condition all winter long. Visit your local TERRA Greenhouse location to browse their selection of commercial outdoor planters.

Include Seasonal Décor

You can enhance your holiday outdoor planters by including various seasonal décor. Holiday signs are a simple way to present a festive message and welcome your guests. You may also choose a very modern and classic look with lanterns and candles. Items such as pinecones, decorative sleighs, and even lights can enhance your outdoor planters as well. However, to ensure your planters look great and catch the eye of all your guests throughout the entire holiday season, make sure the items you include in your planters are protected and able to withstand snow, rain, and other harsh outdoor elements. If you have items that aren’t designed for the outdoors, keep your planter next to your front door or place it on a covered porch and patio.

There are many outdoor planter ideas to give your yard and the exterior of your home a festive look. Visit your local TERRA Greenhouse location today to browse their selection of holiday items, Christmas plants, and planters to help each of your guests feel the holiday spirit each time they drive up to your home.


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