How to Create the Best Environment for Tropical Plants

By March 4th, 2019

How To Create The Best Environment For Tropical Plants

Whether you are simply looking to spruce up a dark corner of your home, or you want to improve the air in your indoor living space, tropical plants are a must. These beautiful, stunning tropical house plants can become an instant focal point no matter what part of your home you place them in. But, for these plants to truly thrive, you need to create the right environment. Here are a few things you should keep in mind when creating the best environment for your tropical plants indoors.

1. Using the Right Soil

Not all soil is the same. The right soil will provide the much-needed minerals and nutrients your tropical plants need to thrive indoors. Consider soil that is best for containers and pots. This type of soil is full of nutrients to help every aspect of the plant and it is typically light and allows ample oxygen to cycle through it. If you have any questions about the best type of soil for your tropical house plants, speak with an expert at your local TERRA Greenhouse location.

2. Provide Ample Drainage

In addition to using the right soil, you want to ensure your planter pot provides ample drainage for your tropical house plants. You don’t want to let your plant sit in standing water as this will damage the plant’s roots and eventually, take away its beauty that you desperately desire. Keep the soil moist and regularly check to ensure your planter pot’s drainage is not clogged.

3. Place the Plant in the Right Sunlight

Not all plants will thrive in direct sunlight. In fact, some may prefer low light areas of the home. Learn about the type of tropical plants you desire to grow and their specific light requirements. If the plant desires full sunlight, placing the plant on a windowsill may be ideal, but if not, you will want to think carefully about its placement.

4. Increase the Humidity

If you want stunning, colourful, and gorgeous tropical plants indoors, you may want to increase the humidity in your home. Many of these plants do well in very humid environments, which can be difficult to achieve inside the home. To increase the humidity in your living space, place a humidifier in the room where your tropical plants reside. To ensure they stay healthy and happy, you may also regularly spray the plants with a water bottle to keep them moist.

It is possible to have stunning, gorgeous plants in your living space. To browse the wide selection of products, outdoor living décor, furniture, and more, visit your local TERRA Greenhouse location. Also, speak with experts to receive even more growing advice to ensure your plants look stunning and gorgeous all year long.


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