How to Take Care of Your Hanging Baskets in Winter

By December 23rd, 2018

Care for your hanging baskets during winter

Just because there is a fresh blanket of snow covering the ground and a chill in the air, it doesn’t mean the outside of your home should look boring and dull. You can still add pops of colour and plenty of texture to your home’s exterior with a beautiful hanging basket and flowers. But, to ensure your hanging plants thrive during the cold weather, it will require a little extra care. Here are a few things you can do to care for your hanging baskets this winter.

1. Bring Inside During Those Cold Nights

During the winter months, the temperature can drop to single digits in the night. Just like you likely can’t survive these freezing cold temperatures, neither can your plants. To keep them warm and happy, bring them inside at night. You can place them in your garage or even inside your front door. However, it is not just the evening hours that you should pay attention to. Pay attention to daytime temperatures as well to keep your plants happy and warm.

2. Properly Insulate Your Hanging Flower Baskets

If your hanging basket is too heavy or it is just too burdensome to bring it in each night, you can still provide plenty of protection by properly insulating it. You can place items such as garbage sacks and fabric to help protect and insulate the plants, but this is not a guarantee. It is also wise to keep your hanging basket and plants low to the ground as this decreases the amount of wind and cold temperatures the flowers encounter and can increase their warmth.

3. Properly Water the Hanging Baskets

Watering the plants in your hanging baskets during the winter months is much different than in the summer. This is because you don’t want to overwater the plant as that will freeze the roots and kill your precious flowers. But, you still want enough moisture for it to survive. Plus, you want to water your plants before the air reaches freezing temperatures. This is because the damp soil can help insulate the roots and keeps the plants warm. If you have questions about how much water your hanging baskets require, talk to an expert at your local TERRA Greenhouse location.

Caring for your winter hanging baskets and flowers is possible but requires a little more care and attention than during the summer months. Visit your local TERRA Greenhouse location to browse their wide selection of hanging flower baskets, hanging plants, and winter gardening supplies. Their staff is also ready to answer any of your questions and help you create a beautiful, gorgeous outdoor space despite the cold and freezing outside temperatures.


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