Indoor Christmas Plants that Will Bring the Holiday Spirit

By October 29th, 2018

Indoor Christmas plants

Decorating for the holidays is much more than stringing a strand of lights and hanging your family’s stockings. You can easily turn your home into a winter wonderland that smells, looks, and feels like Christmas by decorating with a variety of Christmas plants. Here are several indoor Christmas plants you must include in your holiday decorations this year.

Real Christmas Trees

A real Christmas tree is the perfect addition to any home over the holidays. You can find these trees in a variety of sizes and types, and the smell of these trees will help bring a rich fragrance that everyone in your home will enjoy. Additionally, searching for the perfect real Christmas tree is a tradition that many families will love and the joy of finding the perfect one is hard to match.


Poinsettias are a Christmas flowering plant with bright red or white flowers and thick green foliage. These flowers are perfect to place around the trunk of your real Christmas tree, as a beautiful centerpiece, or even as a gift for your favorite neighbour. They are also easy to care for and require very little maintenance.


Holly is a Christmas plant that can be used as stunning Christmas tree decorations. This plant features big red berries that you can include in holiday flower arrangements, as part of a stunning holiday display, or even placed throughout your Christmas tree. However, these berries are mildly toxic and should be kept out of reach of all young children and pets.


If you want to truly add the holiday spirit to your home for large holiday parties or for a remarkable Christmas display, mistletoe is a must. This traditional holiday plant features thick green leaves and small white berries. It does best if hung out in the cold or in cooler areas, which means if you want to hang it above a doorway for your Christmas party, you don’t want to hang it too early. Additionally, this is another Christmas plant that contains toxic properties and you want to keep it out of reach for your kids and pets.

Christmas Ferns and Moss

If you want to add lots of greenery to the inside of your home, Christmas Ferns are an excellent option. These plants feature thick green leaves that grow up to three or four feet long. These plants do require some tender care and are more temperamental than others — so all new gardeners should keep up on their needs.

If you want your home filled with the holiday spirit this year, Christmas plants are the perfect solution. Visit your local TERRA Greenhouse location to view their wide inventory of plants, talk to experts, and gather ideas on how to decorate and create a beautiful, seasonal living space.


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