How to mix and match patio tables and chairs

By March 27th, 2018

Mix and Match Patio Chairs, loungers and accent chairs - patio tables and chairs

One of the most important features on your patio is your seating options and a functional table. These pieces of furniture can bring a creative and trendy look to your outdoor living space and create an area that is functional. When choosing your patio tables and chairs, think outside the box. Mixing and matching different pieces can create a more comfortable, colourful, and aesthetically-pleasing space. Here are a few tips to help you mix and match your patio furniture.

Use a Fun Accent Chair

Placing a fun accent chair at the head of your table is a great way to add a unique look to the patio. The chair can be large and colourful, or even just boast a different design than the other chairs around the table. By making this one easy change, you’ll experience a difference in the overall look and feel of the patio. Think about making a statement!

Add Lots of Pillows

While enjoying a night on your patio, you want to be comfortable. You can enhance the comfort of your chairs and other seating options by adding a multitude of pillows. This outdoor garden décor is a great way to add more colour, patterns, and design to the area. It can brighten up the space or create a more calming, soothing environment. The options are endless.

Place Loungers on the Patio

You don’t have to use large patio tables and chairs to provide enough seating for all your guests. You can be creative with your seating arrangements. Placing loungers around your patio is an excellent way to add seating that is comfortable and fun. Visit your local TERRA Greenhouses to check out their selection of loungers.

Incorporate Different Levels and Textures

In addition to adding loungers and chairs around your patio, consider garden accessories and ornaments that offer varying textures and levels of seating. For example, incorporate hammocks around the patio to create a fun seating option and a unique focus point in the space. Hanging chairs are also excellent options to have fun, functional seating, yet add new textures and designs to an area.

For more ideas and inspiration when mixing and matching your patio tables and chairs, visit your local TERRA Greenhouse. Experts can provide design advice and you can browse their selection of outdoor garden décor to create a patio space that you’ll adore.


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