Next Year’s Garden Success Starts with Choosing a Garden Mulch Colour

By January 30th, 2018

Garden Mulch

Planning your spring garden is a great activity on a cold, bleak winter day. It helps shake the seasonal blues and gives you something to look forward to. It also lets you take full advantage of speaking with sales staff and enjoying a great selection of products before they sell out.

Begin your garden planning from the ground up, this means forgetting about the flowers you want to grow, just for a few minutes! Instead focus not only on the soil, but also on the garden mulch. Mulch is a decorative element that covers the soil and makes your garden look its best. Let’s look at some of the popular options and the types of that are the best mulch for landscaping:

Black Mulch
This type of mulch is bold and striking in its dark brown/almost black colour. Black mulch really makes the colours of your garden pop. Just like black clothing, this type of much pairs well with any flowers or plants that you’re able to grow in your area and with your soil. Even simple greenery looks fantastic against black mulch. The downside to black much is that it shows more weeds. Because of this, plan on spending time weeding on a regular basis. Alternatively, you can lay garden fabric on top of your soil, which blocks weeds from popping up in your garden in the first place.

Brown Mulch
If you prefer a more rustic look, brown mulch for your garden is another option that you have. It’s a medium brown color so it looks best with more subdued shades of plants. Another thing to consider is that natural brown topsoil hides weeds better so you won’t have to spend so much time in your garden and you can avoid the time and expense of laying out landscaping fabric because you get away with weeding less frequently.

Think about the types of flowers you plan on growing and choose the best colour to complement it. For example, bright shades like pink or yellows can often clash with brown mulch and look better on a black background. Natural mulch gives a more organic and rustic feel to your garden and It looks great with greenery of all types as well as white flowers.

Lastly, you should consider the facing of your house and coordinate the color of mulch with the paint colour of your house. Some homes look best with natural brown mulch while others look great with black.

You’ve got options when it comes to choosing the mulch for your garden and it comes down to your personal preferences in terms of maintaining your weeding routine and the colour that will look best with the types of plants and flowers that you plan on growing.

Visit TERRA Greenhouses to get an expert opinion on mulch for your garden and see what your options look like up close. A professional staff member will help you pick your favorite option so you can carry on with planning a beautiful garden for the year ahead.


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