Outdoor Living for At-Home Entertainers

By March 17th, 2018

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Outdoor Living for At-Home Entertainers

As the temperatures begin to increase, it becomes the perfect time to host parties and entertain outdoors. Creating ideal outdoor living spaces on your patio or in your garden is simple and by exploring the following tips, all your neighbours will want an invitation to your next outdoor party.

Choose Outdoor Living Patio Furniture

As you prepare your patio or garden space to host parties, you must think about your guests. Where will your they sit? Will they be comfortable? How can you accommodate large groups? There are a variety of patio set options available at TERRA Greenhouses that include all the accessories you need such as several seating options and a small table. You can also consider dining sets which provide ample seating for a handful of people and plenty of tablespace for a large meal.

Consider Kid-Friendly Furniture

As you think about the furniture and the seating options for your parties, you don’t want to choose items only because they are beautiful and trendy. You must make sure they are functional and can withstand the wear and tear from many guests. If you have young kids at your home or will have kids attending your parties, keep that in mind when choosing furniture. You may want fabrics in darker colours, that feature more durable materials, and are stain-resistant. If you have pets, you will also want to take them into consideration as well.

Install Plenty of Lighting

If you host summer parties, you will need plenty of light for your guests to move and mingle with one another even after the sun sets. There are many options for lighting your outdoor area, such as adding string lights and installing solar options around the patio. You can even implement lanterns, lamps, and other lighting sources that you can bring in and out of your home for your parties.

Think outside the box

Think outside the box and consider implementing unique and fun features to your outdoor living area such as pizza ovens, drink coolers, fun patio dinnerware like drink dispensers and cups/platters and more.

For more ideas and inspiration for creating the perfect outdoor living space for summer parties, visit a local TERRA Greenhouse location. Here you can receive plenty of ideas, advice, and patio accessories to make your summer parties the talk of the neighbourhood.


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