Outdoor Living Spaces: Extending Your Outdoor Season

By November 15th, 2017

Patio Furniture and Pillows - Outdoor Living Spaces

There’s no need to rush inside once the season turns from summer to fall. Autumn is one of the most beautiful seasons with the brilliant colors of fall leaves and fall foliage to enjoy. Stay outside in the crisp fall air and extend your outdoor season with the right patio furniture, outdoor features, plants, and accents. Try these ideas in your yard and garden so you can stay outside longer and enjoy nature well into the cooler months:

Add lighting
As the sun sets earlier and earlier each day, you’ll want to illuminate your outdoor living spaces, so you can enjoy them long into the fall season. Hanging string lights add a whimsical atmosphere to your space, while exterior wall scones give your yard a sophisticated appearance. Brighten your yard with in-ground lighting to add even more dimension to the way you light your space.

Bring some heat
As things get chilly, a fire table is a great addition to your yard or deck. Not only do fire tables look elegant and modern, but they provide great warmth for you and your guests to enjoy long after the sun goes down. A fire table allows you to enjoy a starry evening outdoors even on the coolest fall days.

Keep your furniture comfortable
Choose outdoor living patio furniture that will wear well into the fall and keep you and your family comfortable while you enjoy the autumn air. Soft cushions provide warmth to your seating area and keeping a few throw blankets handy lets you stay outside longer, even on chilly days. Look for weather resistant patio sets that can withstand the elements and stay looking their best throughout the year.

Update planters
There’s no need to pack up your planters once summer ends. All they need is a little updating to get them ready to last well into the fall. Replace seasonal summer blooms with fall flowers like hydrangeas. Consider grasses or evergreen plants that will look great and add color to your space even when the temperature drops.

Choose patio furniture for your needs
Whether you want to curl up on a comfortable outdoor chair with a cup of tea or entertain family and friends for dinner, there are patio furniture options that fit anyone’s needs. Think about the ways you enjoy spending time in your outdoor space and pick furniture pieces that work with your lifestyle, whether it’s a large dining table or a conversation coffee table and outdoor sofa set.

With the right planning and outdoor living space ideas, you can find the perfect furnishings and accents at TERRA Greenhouses that allow you and your family to enjoy the beauty of nature well after the seasons change.


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