Plants for Shade Vs. Sun

By March 15th, 2018

Purple Petunia – Petunia X Hybrida - plants for shade

As you begin to prepare your garden this spring, there are many things to consider before you begin to plant. The location of your plants and how much sun they receive is critical. By choosing the right plants for your garden’s sunlight, you’ll have much more success and a more beautiful garden this spring. Here are five types of plants that bloom in the spring and the perfect locations to plant them.

Petunia – Petunia X Hybrida

The Petunia is a plant that needs full sunlight to survive. This colourful flower will begin to bloom in spring and continue to bloom until the frost in the fall. These flowers aren’t very tall — typically only 1 foot in height — and they will spread up to 3 feet wide. This plant is an excellent option if you wish to add a lot of colour to your garden and it is a very simple plant to care for, making this flower an excellent option for beginning gardeners.

Coral Bells – Heurchera

If you are looking for a beautiful spring plant, you must consider the Coral Bells. This plant is a stunning addition to any garden and it adds a substantial amount of texture and contrast to an area due to its large leafy green leaves. It will also add some colour to your garden as well because in the late spring, white flowers will bloom and they look like small bells. This plant doesn’t grow very tall – only 10-inches in height — but it will spread over 18 inches wide.

Periwinkle – Vinca Minor

If you are considering plants for shade, the Periwinkle is worth your consideration. This plant is extremely versatile and can survive in both full sun and full shade. In the late spring, periwinkle flowers will bloom and can reach up to 6-inches tall. This is a perennial plant and is an excellent option if you are looking for a great plant to cover your garden area and want to add some colour and texture as well.

Perennial Sage – Savlia Nemorosa

If you are looking for a plant that requires little care, the Perennial Sage is an excellent option. This flower blooms in the early spring and continues blooming until the fall. It requires full sun but stands up to 1-foot tall and can spread over 1-foot wide. The height and bright purple flowers add plenty of texture and colour to your patio or flower garden. If you love butteries and bees, growing perennial sage will definitely attract them to your garden.

Snap Dragon – Antirrhinum Majus

The Snap Dragon is one of the best flowers for adding texture, height, and colour to a flower garden. This flower is easy to grow and doesn’t require a true green thumb to enjoy its beauty. It will first bloom in the spring and will continue to bloom until the frost returns. This plant needs full sun to survive and can reach up to 3 feet in height.

Whether you are looking for annual shade plants, shade plants for pots, or flowers that do well in the full sunlight, stop by TERRA Greenhouses for even more ideas and advice on how to create a beautiful garden this spring.


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