The Best Berries to Grow in Patio Planters

By June 7th, 2018

Red Strawberries growing in a Patio Planter

Gardening allows for a lot of creativity and imagination. While flower planters can add stunning designs and beautiful colours to your patio, you don’t have to limit your patio planters to flowers or common plants. In fact, you can grow several types of berries with ease in patio gardening containers. Below are three types of berries that are simple to grow in planters.


Strawberries are one of the best and easiest fruits to grow in a container, making them an excellent choice if growing berries in a patio planter or hanging planters for the first time. This fruit is easy to care for and you should water it whenever it begins to feel dry. You will want to keep the planter in a sunny area and once your fruit is grown, your entire family will be enjoying them.


If you love fresh blueberries but don’t have enough space for a garden, growing these berries in patio containers is ideal. This plant also requires full sun to grow a large supply of the berry. However, you must be cautious not to overheat and dry out your plant — you must make sure the soil remains moist for the berries to grow. With the right care, you will be making all the blueberry muffins you can eat this summer.


Raspberries are the perfect berries to grow for beginner gardeners or those who don’t believe they have a green thumb. There are also several types of raspberries to choose from, allowing you to choose your favourite type. Plus, the bright colour of the berry can add pops of red and purple to your patio and outdoor space.

Be Creative in Your Planting

You don’t have to choose a large pot or a basic container when growing berries in your yard. Consider hanging baskets which add a fun contrast to a space if berries, such as strawberries, begin to hang down from the planter. You can also choose large pots with bright colours or that match your patio theme and décor. These containers not only enhance the design of your patio but also create a functional and efficient way to garden.

For advice on growing berries in patio planters, help choosing the right soil, and to browse a large selection of hanging baskets and other containers, visit your local TERRA Greenhouse location.


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