Tips For Buying Nursery Plants This Spring

By March 22nd, 2018

Purple Lilac - Nursery Plants

As you work on the landscape of your home and in your garden, you must not forget about planting bushes, shrubs, and other nursery plants. These plants can drastically improve the look of your yard and create a stunning landscape. They also can improve your home’s resale value, without any large and costly renovations. However, to reap the benefits of nursery plants, you must choose the right ones. Here are a few tips for buying plants for your yard this spring.

Consider the Gaps in Your Yard

As you consider the perfect bushes and shrubbery for your yard, you need to determine where you want the vegetation to be. Do you want to cover the floor in your garden? Are you looking to fill in flowerbeds? There are some plants such as the Purple Sandcherry, which you can purchase at your local TERRA Greenhouse, that spreads up to five feet wide, making it a great ground covering. This shrub can also grow up to 10-feet tall and in the spring, small pink flowers will bloom.

Consider Texture and Variety

As you decide where to plant certain shrubs and bushes, you must consider what type of look you desire. Visit your local garden nursery TERRA Greenhouses to gather ideas and inspiration on the many options available. There are a variety of plants that will grow to all heights and cover large areas if needed. Some plants, such as Snap Dragons or Bleeding Hearts, will provide beautiful flowers when in bloom and others, like the Siberian Bugloss, provide rich green leaves. Determine what you want, the textures you desire, and the colours you hope for in your landscaping before you begin planting.

Determine How Much Time and Effort You Can Put into Your Yard’s Landscaping

Some plants require much more attention and nurturing than others. As you consider what bushes and shrubbery you want for your yard, choose plants that best match your time and energy level. For example, Astilbe is a colourful flower that is requires very little maintenance and work in your garden. Perennial Sage is another plant that is simple to grow and offers both texture and colour to a space. If you want a plant that is simple to grow, easy to maintain, and can survive in both shade and sun conditions, Hostas are a safe bet for your yard.

If you have any questions about the best trees and bushes to plant in your yard, talk to expert Ontario nursery growers and visit your local TERRA Greenhouse. Experts can help you find the right plants for specific locations and sunlight conditions, that have the colours and textures you desire, and most importantly, that best fit your lifestyle and commitment.

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