Tips for Bringing the Indoors Outside this Season

By March 15th, 2019

Tips for Bringing the Indoors Outside

Having a relaxing place to go after a stressful day of work or a large area for a fabulous summer barbecue doesn’t need to be hard to achieve. Your patio area can easily be an extension of your indoor living space. You can create an area that is comfortable, beautiful, stylish, and trendy. Here are just four ways you can create this incredible outdoor living space.

1. Include Outdoor Rugs

One simple way to make your patio area feel more comfortable and like an extension of your home’s interior is to lay down a beautiful outdoor rug. This will create a more cozy, homey environment. Plus, you can choose outdoor rugs of all sizes, shapes, and styles. These are simple ways to add lots of colour and design to your outdoor living spaces and the right rug will complement your other outdoor décor.

2. Choose Comfortable Seating

When considering outdoor living space ideas, you want an area that is comfortable and relaxing no matter the event. If you love to host large parties, you may desire ample seating or if your patio area is simply an oasis — a place to get away from the hustle and bustle of daily life — you need comfortable stylish options. Consider furniture such as large patio sets, poufs, hanging chairs, and even hammocks to create that relaxing area you desire.

3. Hang Beautiful Wall Art

If you want to bring your indoors outside, you need lots of colour, design, and texture. While there are many ways to do this, one simple way is to hang beautiful pieces of wall art in your outdoor spaces. Choose items that complement your overall colour scheme, that add to your décor, and that can even become a focal point to the space.

4. Incorporate Various Patio Décor

Various accessories can transform your patio area. It can turn boring and dull outdoor living spaces into colourful, eye-catching areas that you never want to leave. These accessories can boast bold and bright colours, unique patterns, and fun designs. As you think about various accessories for your outdoor living areas, consider items such as throw pillows, lights, and more. Visit your local TERRA Greenhouse location today to browse their wide selection of various patio décor and accessories.

If you are looking for even more outdoor living space ideas and truly want to transform and create a beautiful area, visit your local TERRA Greenhouse location today. You can browse their wide inventory, receive expert gardening advice, and gather ideas that will truly create a more comfortable, homey, trendy area.


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