Tips for Growing Annual Flowers

By May 3rd, 2018

Annual Flowers

If you are looking to create a stunning flowerbed, window box, or planter, annual flowers are excellent options. These beautiful plants can provide a wide assortment of colour, texture, and contrast in a small space. However, to fully reap the benefits of these plants, they need to be properly cared for. Here are a few tips for growing annuals.

Choose Healthy Plants from your Local Nursery

It is always wise to choose your sun annual flowers and other plants from a local nursery instead of a large retail store. These plants are healthier and more adjusted to the local climate. When you are at the nursery to purchase your annuals, it is important to look closely at the plants to ensure they are healthy. Closely evaluate the flower’s leaves for any type of spots or rotting. These are signs of disease, which can spread quickly from plant to plant and destroy the beautiful garden you are after.

Prepare Soil Properly

If you want your annuals to thrive, it is important you prepare the soil properly. Before planting annual flower seeds or flowers that have already bloomed, make sure to remove any weeds or other vegetation that may be in your planters or flowerbeds. It is also critical to turn the soil over so you are not working with dry soil. You also want the soil that is at least six to 12 inches in the ground or planter.

Give the Plants Ample Care

Annuals require plenty of tender loving care. Most annuals require water at their roots, not just a quick soak from the sprinklers. It’s wise to use fertilizer or plant food monthly to ensure the plants have the proper nutrients and strength needed to fight off the hot sun, insects, and other destructive elements.

Annuals add pops of colours, visual interest, and texture to your patio or flowerbed. However, it is vital that these plants are taken care of properly. Visit your local TERRA Greenhouse for expert advice, growing tips, and to browse their wide selection of annual flowers to create that beautiful look throughout your entire yard.


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