Top 5 Annual Plants for Your Christmas Arrangements

By December 13th, 2017

Christmas Poinsettia - Annuals plants

When it comes to seasonal Christmas décor, some of the most striking ways that you can accessorize your home are with festive flower and plant arrangements. Whether you’re decorating indoors or creating picturesque holiday look in your yard or entryway, there are endless options for creating a stunning holiday with living arrangements.

To begin decorating, start with the best plants and flowers to form the base of your arrangement. For holiday décor, the best types annual flowers and plants to use are:

Poinsettias – This quintessential Christmas flower is a must among one of many beautiful annual garden plants for this holiday season. Poinsettias prefer warm temperatures and partial sun for optimal growing conditions. They make a great addition to a holiday tabletop décor, or indoor arrangements.

Christmas Cactus – The bright red flowers of the Christmas cactus make it an ideal holiday plant. The Christmas cactus grows beautifully indoors at any time of year but it’s colourful blossoms make their appearance just in time for the holidays. When it comes to festive annual plants, this variety is always a favourite.

Winterberry – Striking red berries are perfect for holiday décor and Christmas arrangements, whether you are creating a jolly wreath or a planter at your entry. Winterberry trimmings last for a long time, making them ideal for Christmas door decorations.

Amaryllis – This tall, graceful bulb makes a beautiful part of your holiday décor and is also a popular gift to give to others so they can also enjoy the beauty of amaryllis in their home. Choose amaryllis as a bold addition to a Christmas table centrepiece.

These, and other winter plants, come together to make beautiful and festive seasonal décor for your home. Deck the halls, from your front door to your dinner table with exquisite plants and flowers. Let the experts at TERRA Greenhouses guide you as you choose the best plants, flowers, and gardening supplies that you need to create charming and cheerful winter look in your home.


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