Top 5 Aromatic Annual Plants for Your Garden

By June 12th, 2018

A flat of the annual plants Petunias

Growing annual aromatic plants does more than simply add beauty and colour to your home. It brings a calming and refreshing atmosphere to your garden and other outdoor areas. Annual plants are also a great conversation starter for your summer parties as guests love to indulge in their fragrance each time they visit your home. Here is a list of annual plants that will create the fragrant and beautiful garden you want this summer.

1. Petunias

Petunias are a popular annual flower and are simple to grow. When you grow large groups of these flowers, they produce an almost clove-like aroma, which many people love. These flowers are excellent to grow in planters or flower beds due to their wide variety of colours and their easy ability to grow.

2. ‘Fragrant Delight’ Heliotrope

This is one of the most fragrant annuals and it boasts a sweet vanilla scent. It also is an excellent flower to place in hanging baskets or large planters because it offers a unique texture and deep purple flowers that add lots of colour and design to many flower combinations.

3. Floss Flower

Floss Flower is a beautiful plant that features small fuzzy flowers. This is a great way to add some contrast to your flowerbeds and the unique look of the flowers will have all your friends asking about your gardening skills at your next party. Additionally, this plant spreads up to 12 inches, making it a great covering for your garden floor.

4. Lavender

If you truly want a calming and relaxing environment in your garden, consider lavender plants. This flower grows tall, making it ideal for your garden, but its rich purple flowers and strong fragrance are the perfect combination to help you enjoy calm summer nights and keep away some pests.

5. Dianthus Chinensis

This stunning pink annual flower variety has a sweet fragrance. While it isn’t the most fragrant smelling flower you can plant in your garden but still creating a pleasant patio space. It also is a versatile plant, making it great for gardeners of any skill level and it can handle full sun and part shade conditions.

There are a variety of annuals that can add a sweet, calming smell to your outdoor area. Visit TERRA Greenhouses to browse their wide selection of aromatic annuals and create that winning flower combination for your home.


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