Top 5 Plants for Organic Gardening

By March 1st, 2018

Organic fruits and vegetables, basil, apples, limes, cucumbers - Organic Gardening

Organic growing practices may seem intimidating to a beginner gardener, but these days it’s become easier than ever. To achieve a healthier garden, consider growing specific vegetables and flowers that add an aesthetically pleasing look to your outdoor space while also providing benefits to your other plants. If you’re exploring adding plants to your garden that naturally keep harmful insects at bay, review our top plants below to begin organic growing today:

1. Spinach and Kale
Spinach and kale lend themselves extremely well to an organic home garden. They serve as the basis for many recipes, including stir frys, fresh salads, and even green smoothies. Both spinach and kale and are easy to grow, making them ideal even for the beginner. In addition to being low-maintenance plants, they grow well either in the ground or in containers, so you can enjoy these garden-fresh vegetables whether you have a large plot or a small planter box.

2. Garlic
Garlic offers more to your garden than simply being a tasty addition to your meals! Garlic has also traditionally been used in various types of medicinal practices throughout Asia. Common complementary plants to grow alongside Garlic include peas and celery.

Benefits: It keeps harmful aphids off roses and repels Japanese beetles.

3. ‘Scotch Bonnet’ Pepper
This is the ideal pepper for organic vegetable gardening. Often used in making salsas, this habanero pepper can be harvested when they’re green or red. The longer they are allowed to stay in the ground, the spicier they become! They require full sun and well-drained soil.

Benefits: They are a natural insecticide that ward off various types of insects and nematodes.

4. Mint
Mint is an easy to grow and a fast spreading plant. They can be used as a tasty addition to your meals, or as a pretty ground cover in your garden. Mint has a distinct, fresh aroma when you ruffle its leaves.

Benefits: This herb deters ants, fleas, and even some rodents.

5. Marigolds
Marigolds are a great option for organic gardening, as they’re super easy to maintain, while offering some serious benefits to your garden. They also bring a beautiful pop of orange to your plot!

Benefits: Marigolds deter pests and certain varieties are recommended for keeping whiteflies away from tomatoes.

By growing the suggested plants above, you’ll begin seeing a difference in the health of your garden in no time. Visit TERRA Greenhouses today for all your organic gardening supplies. We can also help you determine which organic growing practices to incorporate into your garden plot this growing season.

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