How Transition Large Planters Between Winter And Spring

By February 14th, 2018

Winter Large Planters and Attracting birds

Nothing welcomes you home better than a gorgeous, large planter outside of your front door. Planters are an easy way to add a fun, fresh design element to your house in a wide variety of shapes and colour options. Get creative and showcase your personality with large planter boxes today. Explore our four tips below to get shopping and get started:

Off Season Prep

It’s important to start the new growing season with a clean slate. To do this with your planters, you’ll want to start with a new base. This involves stripping down your winter planters and removing everything. You may need to defrost your pots or change them out for a fresh pot. After you’ve done your planter clean-up, you can plan the theme you want to do.

Adding in Wintery Colours

As you begin to revamp your planter boxes, think about the color theme you’d like to achieve. Wintery colors such as dark greens, navy blues, deep purples, burgundy shades, and neutral colors such as browns and tans would all work well within your planters. Consider searching sites like Pinterest to discover color pallets and combinations that you may not have thought about. You can also find some great tips there for decorating your large indoor planters as well!

Including Items for Birds

Large planters are a wonderful way to include items that benefit the birds near your home. Consider adding a hanging bird feeder into your planter or purchase a suet ball that has a combination of seeds to attract a variety of pretty birds to your outdoor space. There are many types of bird seeds that work best to attract the region’s seasonal birds. For winter, birds will be especially attracted to sunflower seeds, millet, and even peanuts. Come spring, suet is still a great choice, as are a variety of seeds like back oil or sunflower.

Adding Wintery Décor

Explore some of the beautiful and season-appropriate wintery elements for your planter box décor:

  • Everlasting faux flowers
  • Dog wood
  • Burlap ribbon
  • birch bark poles
  • Small lanterns
  • Flameless candles
  • Twinkle lights

Visit TERRA Greenhouses for additional ideas, tips, and tricks to make your winter planter boxes a success. Our expert staff will work with you to achieve the exact look you’re going for, while staying on a budget. We’ll get you started today with everything you require for your large pots for indoor plants, as well as your outdoor wintery décor needs, and anything else on your planting to-do list. Happy planting!


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