Trending Christmas Door Decoration Ideas for 2018

By December 10th, 2018

Christmas Door Decoration

While you certainly want plenty of Christmas cheer inside your home this year, one area that will immediately bring in the holiday spirit is your front entryway. Your front door should be festive and your guests should bask in holiday cheer the minute they walk up to your doorstep. Luckily, there are many Christmas door decorations that provide this jolly look and don’t require days to create or hundreds of dollars to spend. Let’s take a look at four Christmas door decoration ideas for your Canadian home.

1. Traditional Wreaths

Traditional evergreen wreaths are a very simple, classic Christmas decorations idea and are becoming increasingly popular each year. One of the many benefits to this door décor is that you can add your own customized touch. Complement the wreath with beautiful ornaments and festive-coloured ribbons. Even sprigs of berries and Christmas plants such as poinsettia blooms will give it more texture and catch the eye of every guest.

2. Garlands

Garlands are similar to traditional wreaths and they create a very classic and festive look to your home. You can also customize these garlands to match your other front porch décor. String lights throughout the garland, add pinecones and berries, and don’t forget the jingle bells.

3. Christmas Plants

As you narrow down your Christmas door decorations ideas for 2018, consider including many Christmas plants. You can place poinsettia blooms, holly, and ivy in many of your décor items. Plus, you can hang mistletoe from your door frame. This Christmas plant does best in cold environments and doesn’t require much care. If it begins to look a little dry, you can simply spray it with water and watch it come back to life.

4. Holiday Planters

To add even more colour and holiday magic to your front door, place a beautiful outdoor Christmas planter next to your entryway. This not only adds much colour and texture to this space but it is a simple way to bring together all of your outdoor holiday décor. You can find beautiful Christmas door decorations and planters with Christmas plants, sprigs, pinecones, ribbons, festive planter boxes, and more. At your local TERRA Greenhouse location or online, you can browse their wide inventory of items to create your own gorgeous holiday planter or choose from one of their many pre-made products.

Don’t just settle on a Christmas tree when decorating your home for the holidays. With the above Christmas door decorations, your guests will immediately be filled with cheer. For more Christmas door decoration ideas, expert advice, and other outdoor living ideas, visit your local TERRA Greenhouse location.


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