Tropical House Plants that Improve Your Health

By August 15th, 2018

Tropical House Plants

Tropical house plants provide more colour, beauty, and contrast to space. In fact, the right topical plants can help purify the air, reduce stress, and make you and all of your family members happier. Here are several indoor tropical house plants that you should consider placing around your home for their many health benefits.

1. Fern

If you are looking for a plant that will remove a variety of toxins from the air in your home, you want a Fern. This plant will remove numerous compounds including cigarette smoke and formaldehyde. For those who lack a green thumb, this is the perfect way to add color and energy to your home as the care of these house plants is very minimal.

2. Snake Plant

You will want this type of snake for every bedroom in your house. This common house plant is known to not only purify the air but to also boost oxygen. Because it produces clean, rich oxygen, this can also mean deeper and more restful sleep for every member of your family. Plus, for all your household members or guests who may battle allergies, the fresh, clean energy can help reduce their troublesome symptoms.

3. Chinese Evergreen

If you lack a green thumb, the Chinese Evergreen should be an indoor house plant at the top of your list. This plant is extremely easy to care for and doesn’t require lots of light or water, making it easy to place in all the nooks and crannies around your home. It is another tropical house plant that removes the pollutants in the air and as it grows larger and stronger, it will remove more and more. It also features thick, green leaves and will produce blooms and berries, which add lots of texture and colour to those darker areas of your home.

4. Ficus

The Ficus is a tropical plant that can grow both indoors and outdoors. These tropical house plants have a plethora of health benefits that will make them a staple in your home. Different parts of this plant can be used for a variety of medicinal uses such as a diuretic, antioxidant, to treat warts, and even reduce high blood pressure and cholesterol.

5. Rubber Plant

The Rubber Plant is known as one of the best indoor house plants for improving the air quality in a home. It helps reduce many dangerous toxins in the air, including Formaldehyde. Plus, it features large oval-shaped leaves that can brighten up all rooms and this tropical house plant’s care is simple and so easy that even beginners can enjoy the enormous benefits of this plant.

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