Tropical Plants Year-Round: Grow a Citrus Tree Indoors

By November 24th, 2017

Citrus Tree - Tropical Plants

A bright and cheerful citrus tree is a welcome sight inside any home. Citrus trees look fresh in the summer and add a welcome pop of colour in the dreary winter months. Citrus trees are a great plant for growing indoors and you can easily welcome one into your home with a little planning and basic care.

Types of Indoor Citrus Trees
There are many varieties to choose from when it comes to growing tropical plants indoors and citrus trees are one of the most popular. Sour citrus trees don’t require as much sun as sweeter types, so some of the best choices are Meyer lemon, lime, mandarin, and kumquat.

Planting Citrus Trees
Buying premixed potting soil designed with citrus trees in mind is the best place to start. Alternatively, you can mix soil with organic matter like peat moss to achieve the same results. You’ll also need a large enough pot to support the roots of the tree. Dwarf varieties are smaller and easier to plant for indoor use.

Indoor Citrus Tree Care
Citrus trees are tropical plants that require regular fertilizing to yield the best results. Use a specially formulated for plants that favor an acidic fertilizer and apply it during the spring and summer months when the tree is growing actively, from approximately April to September.

Regular watering is important but be careful not to overwater because root rot is a common concern, especially in the winter months. Allow the soil to dry completely between watering and water evenly when the soil is dry approximately two to three centimetres below the soil. Keeping the soil at the right level of moisture provides lush conditions for your citrus tree to grow, no matter the season.

Citrus trees are sun-loving plants that thrive on eight to 12 hours of sunlight per day, so placing your tree in a south facing window is ideal.

Harvesting Indoor Citrus Trees
Purchasing a two or three year old tree will yield flower and fruit more quickly than growing a citrus tree from scratch. The harvest period varies for each type of fruit, which ripens on the tree. Fruit is ready to pick when it’s slightly soft to the touch when squeezed.

Visiting TERRA Greenhouses will put your questions in the hands of a tropical plants and flower guide who can expertly advise you on the best type of citrus trees for your home.


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