Why the Classic Real Christmas Tree Is the One to Choose

By December 14th, 2018

Real Christmas Tree

No matter if you are a young child or an elderly adult, choosing and decorating your Christmas tree is one of the best ways to bring the holiday spirit into your home. And while many individuals may choose to dress up their holiday with artificial trees, real Christmas trees have many benefits. Here are just a few reasons why the classic real Christmas tree is the one to choose for your Canadian home this year.

It has a Very Distinct and Rich Smell

One of the most common reasons many families choose real Christmas trees is because of this plant’s distinct and rich smell. Your real Christmas tree can bring a pleasant aroma to your entire home and is a smell that many associate with Christmas and the holiday festivities. Visit your local TERRA Greenhouse location to browse their selection of real Christmas trees and to relish in the trees’ perfect aroma.

It Is Environmentally-Friendly

By choosing a real Christmas tree, you are also doing your part to help save the planet. Christmas trees are not only impressively beautiful, but they are also environmentally-friendly. In fact, just one Christmas tree can absorb almost one ton of carbon dioxide during its entire lifetime. Additionally, you can recycle your real Christmas tree, making an even bigger impact on the planet. These recycled trees can be turned into mulch to help beautify yards and landscaping, as well as help cover walking paths, provide wood for fireplaces, and more.

It Is a Favorite Christmas Tradition

For many families, it is a favorite Christmas tradition to visit the local nursery and choose the perfect tree to place all their gifts underneath. It is often one of the first activities many families participate in during the beginning of the holiday season and it is an excellent way to begin their festivities.

Additionally, decorating the tree is a tradition that individuals of all ages love. You can not only place ornaments, ribbons, and lights on the tree but you can also consider Christmas plants such as poinsettia blooms or pinecones. Don’t forget to place Christmas house plants such as orchids or a fun succulent nearby to add even more colour and Christmas cheer around your tree.

While there are some benefits to an artificial Christmas tree, real Christmas trees should be at the top of your list if you want a beautiful, classic Christmas. Visit your local TERRA Greenhouse location to begin your new tradition, as well as browse their inventory of Christmas door decorations and Christmas flowering outdoor plants to bring in the holiday spirit.


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