Your Summer Outdoor Planters

By June 5th, 2018

Grey and Blue Outdoor Planters - Summer Outdoor Planters

Summer outdoor planters can create that perfect bright, colourful look in all areas of your yard. Planters are extremely versatile and you can easily move them around for your guests to enjoy during your backyard parties or even to spruce up your home’s entryway. Here are a few tips for creating that stunning summer planter.

Think About the Pot

Choosing the right pot is one of the most important aspects when creating your summer planters. When choosing large outdoor flower pots, you want to make sure the pot has a small hole at the bottom, which allows the water to easily drain out and prevents flooding your flowers. Don’t forget about the look and style of the pot either. Outdoor large planters come in a variety of colours, designs, and sizes, making it easy to find that perfect item which adds just the right amount of style and decor to your landscaping.

Don’t Forget About the Soil

You don’t want to choose just any type of soil for your containers. You need to choose soil that works well for planters and contains the right amount of minerals and other nutrients. The right soil will give your plants a little extra boost and make sure they grow healthy, strong, and vibrant. Browse TERRA’s wide selection of soil to help you find the perfect product for your planter.

Choose Summer Plant Combinations that Work

When you choose the perfect plants for your summer planters, you want to take special care in your decision. You not only want to choose flowers and plants that add bright colours, contrast, and plenty of texture to the planter, but also varieties that grow well together. You must consider the ideal growing conditions of all the plants and where you plan to keep them. For example, if your planter will be in direct sunlight all day, you must consider plants that can tolerate full sun conditions.

To ensure you enjoy the beauty of the planter, it is important that all your flowers bloom during the same season. You don’t want some flowers to bloom in spring and others to bloom late summer. Full, vibrant, and stunning planters will be the talking point of all your summer barbecues when you select the right plants that bloom together.

For more tips on creating the perfect summer planters and to receive expert growing advice, make sure to visit your local TERRA Greenhouse location today.

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