You’re About to Become a …. Perennial Flowers Expert

By May 29th, 2018

perennial flowers

Your garden and patio areas are the perfect place for perennial flowers and plants. But what are perennials and what benefits do they offer? Why should you consider them in your yard? Let’s take a look at why these plants are an excellent choice to add colour and beauty to your home’s landscaping.

What is a Perennial Plant?

A perennial is any type of plant that will grow for more than two years. This plant will continually grow and bloom without any replanting, and in many cases, without much additional work. They have a strong root system, so they can hold water well and don’t require daily watering. Also, if you want lots of colour and contrast in your garden, perennials are an excellent option. Many perennials will bloom even more year after year, creating lush and gorgeous gardens for you to enjoy.

How to Grow and Maintain Perennials

Most perennials are simple to grow and maintain. This makes them the perfect option for the beginner gardener. When you first plant perennials, it is important that you understand the plant’s conditions, for example, if it needs full sunlight or if it does better in the shade. Perennials can often withstand very little watering due to their deep root system, but they need to be established first. You should provide deep watering at least once a week to help establish these plants.

Perennials that are Easy to Grow

There are several types of perennial flowers that bloom all summer, are easy to grow, and are perfect for any gardener. Plus, these flowers are beautiful and add lots of colour and texture to a garden without much work. Here are three perennials that are great to start off with and practice growing.

  1. Black-Eyed Susan: This perennial adds beautiful yellow colours to your outdoor area. They also grow tall, which helps improve the texture and contrast to your garden. You won’t notice these flowers blooming until the summer months, but they create the perfect bright spot for any outdoor space.
  2. Hostas: This plant comes in a variety of heights, sizes, and colours, which makes it extremely versatile and ideal for your patio, garden, planters, and other outdoor areas. Plus, when this plant isn’t in bloom, you can benefit from the rich, deep colour of the hosta’s leaves.
  3. Daylilies: Daylilies are another flower that is extremely versatile and comes in all types of colours and sizes. It can create the perfect focal point to any outdoor area, and with the bright pop of colour, your friends and family will think you are a gardening pro, even though these plants require very little care.

For more advice on growing and caring for perennials, visit your local TERRA Greenhouse. Also, be sure to check out their large selection of perennial plants to create that perfect flowerbed that will make all your neighbors jealous.


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