Category: Indoor Plants

How To Grow Orchids At Home

November 30, 2021
Orchids are long-blooming, tropical plants that are loved for their arching stems full of big, bright flowers. It’s surprising that such a unique and exotic plant could be easy to grow… but it is! With attentio...
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How To Care For Poinsettias At Home

November 17, 2021
Is there any plant as synonymous with the holidays as the Poinsettia? At TERRA, we grow more than 40,000 Poinsettias for the holiday season each year! The bright colours of these tropical plants are perfect for celebrating...
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How To Grow Fiddle Leaf Fig At Home

October 26, 2021
Fiddle Leaf Figs (or Ficus lyrata) are bold, tropical plants that are undeniably popular. But how do you grow a Fiddle Leaf Fig at home? With the proper care and maintenance, these plants can add to the ambiance of your ho...
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Bringing Houseplants Back Indoors

September 30, 2021
We’re bringing houseplants back indoors! Our beloved tropical plants have enjoyed a summer of sunshine and fresh air on the patio. With night temperatures now dropping toward single digits, though, it’s time for them...
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Our Top 10 Pet Friendly Plants

August 6, 2021
Plants and pets make a happy, vibrant home. However, when our pets take interest in sampling the local foliage, it’s best to be sure the plants they can reach are safe. Here are our top 10 Pet Friendly Plants that pet pare...
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How to Grow Citrus Trees

April 6, 2021
Growing citrus trees inside your home bring a sense of tropical to your indoor space but you also get the reward of beautiful citrus too! Growing Citrus Indoors:  always plant your citrus tree close to a sunny spot in your...
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