How to Create Beautiful Holiday Outdoor Planters

outdoor planters
As you bring the holiday spirit into your Canadian home, don’t forget about the outdoors. You can create a gorgeous, festive exterior that will immediately bring the holiday spirit to every guest at your door. Holiday outdoor planters are an excellent way to add some colour and catch the eye…
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By November 27th, 2018

The Importance of Grooming Large Planters

Large Planters
Creating large planters that make all your guests stop and swoon requires more than just water and a little fertilizer. Proper grooming is what will turn your average planter into a stunning masterpiece. But what does grooming flowers involve and why is it important? Here are a few things you…
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By September 26th, 2018

Your Summer Outdoor Planters

Outdoor Planters
Summer outdoor planters can create that perfect bright, colourful look in all areas of your yard. Planters are extremely versatile and you can easily move them around for your guests to enjoy during your backyard parties or even to spruce up your home’s entryway. Here are a few tips for…
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By June 5th, 2018