How to mix and match patio tables and chairs

Mix and Match Patio Chairs, loungers and accent chairs - patio tables and chairs
One of the most important features on your patio is your seating options and a functional table. These pieces of furniture can bring a creative and trendy look to your outdoor living space and create an area that is functional. When choosing your patio tables and chairs, think outside the…
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By March 27th, 2018

Create a Zen Space with Patio Décor

Lavender - Patio Décor
Your patio and garden can be the perfect area in your home to relax and enjoy a stress-free moment. With plenty of sunshine, fresh air, and the right outdoor yard decorations, you can create the ideal location to enjoy yoga, meditate, read a book, or take a few deep breaths.…
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By March 13th, 2018

Purchase Outdoor Patio Furniture Like a Pro

Outdoor Patio Furniture Set
There are endless ways you can kick your patio furniture up a notch this year. By adding new décor elements to your outdoor area, such as unique planters and fire tables, you can quickly transform your deck into the relaxing space you’ve been envisioning. To get started, it’s important to…
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By March 6th, 2018

Patio Furniture Stores: Christmas Gift Ideas

Patio Furniture Stores
If you're sick of giving socks or sweaters for Christmas, it's time to shake up your gift-giving and try out some new ideas this year. Whether you're shopping for something modest or are looking for big-ticket items, patio furniture and outdoor accessories make ideal presents for anyone on your list.…
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By December 13th, 2017

Easy Patio Décor

Patio Decor
New patio accessories are a quick and easy way to give your backyard or garden a fresh, new look. A few pieces can make all the difference in creating a space that you love to spend time in, whether its relaxing with a book or entertaining friends. The right accessories…
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By October 25th, 2017