Christmas Special

There is so much more than just your Christmas tree to consider when decorating your home for the holiday season. You can create festive décor indoors and outdoors using a mixture of Christmas plants and trees.

Christmas Door Decoration Ideas

Whether you like the traditional Christmas wreath on your door, or you prefer to do something a little different, like a swag, there are a variety of Christmas plants you can use to create Christmas door decorations. Traditional evergreen boughs from spruce and juniper bushes or pine, spruce and fir trees can be combined with colour and detail from mistletoe, Poinsettia blooms and leaves, holly, ivy, pinecones, and coloured sticks.

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Outdoor Christmas Decorations

Don’t stop with your Christmas door decorations. Expand the decorations around the exterior of your home using the same Christmas plants and trees to create festive planters for your porch and by home’s entryways. You can even add ribbons and ornaments. Dwarf evergreen trees can be lit and decorated, giving you a mini outdoor Christmas tree. Use boughs from evergreen trees or bushes along with sprigs of holly with its red berries to create traditional garland that can be wrapped around your porch railing or placed around windows. Lights, bows, and small ornaments can be added for extra Christmassy detail, or use a few Poinsettia blooms to add some colour to the garland.

Indoor Christmas Decorations and Christmas Trees

Did you know it’s better for the environment to use real Christmas trees instead of artificial Christmas trees? Because real Christmas trees can be collected and used for mulch, and artificial trees can’t be recycled because of the toxins present in the materials used to make them, using a real tree is a better choice. Popular evergreens used as Christmas trees include Balsam or Fraser fir trees, white spruce trees and Norfolk pine trees. Firs are the longest lasting of the trees, and will bring the most scent into your home. All you need to do is make sure to keep your real Christmas tree watered so it doesn’t dry out!

Complement your real Christmas tree by having some Christmas plants around your house – potted Poinsettias, which are now available in a number of colours to fit your colour scheme, are a festive, traditional choice. Potted ivy or holly or their sprigs can be used for indoor decoration, and of course you’ll need some sprigs of mistletoe to hang over your entry way.

TERRA Greenhouses can help with your Christmas decorating needs with expert advice and quality Christmas plants and trees you can use for your indoor and outdoor decorations. Plus, whatever size tree you need, you’ll find quality real Christmas trees at all of our Toronto area stores.