Christmas Trees

Christmas trees are plantation grown, carefully cultivated and cut at precisely the right time to ensure they are long lasting over the holiday season.

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Kriss Kringle Christmas Trees grown in Alliston, ON!

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Live Potted Porch Evergreens

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Christmas Plant Information


  • Protecting your tree from sun and wind will prevent it from drying out unnecessarily. If you are not ready to bring it inside right away, store it in a sheltered, unheated area such as your porch or garage.
  • Ensure that your tree stand is cleaned and sterilized… bacteria can block the trees ability to absorb water.
  • Make a fresh clean cut at least an inch above the original cut on the tree stem.
  • A new tree will absorb up to 4 litres of water the first day, and 1 litre per day thereafter.
  • Keep the water level in your tree stand topped up! If your tree runs out of water, you will need to make a new cut (which is much more easily said than done).
  • Keep your tree away from heat sources like radiators, wood stoves, fireplaces & air vents which will dry the tree out.
  • Use CSA approved lights and never have lit candles near your tree.
  • Use StaFresh Christmas Tree Preservative in the water… it will help your tree stay fresher longer.
  • Spraying WILT-PRUF on your tree will prevent the tree from losing moisture through the needles… This is the same anti-desiccant product which is sprayed on your broadleaf evergreens to help them come through the winter looking a fresh and healthy green.

Originally from Mexico, Joel Robert Poinsett, the first American Ambassador to Mexico, introduced the poinsettia to North America. In 1825 Poinsett sent a few Euphorbia pulcherrima to his home in South Carolina.

Now commonly called poinsettias, these brightly coloured plants are a popular purchase during the Christmas season. Choosing a healthy specimen is the first step to long lasting enjoyment of any plant. Check to see that the flowers are still attached to the plant (keeping in mind that the flowers are actually the yellow berry-like clusters in the center of the leaves). The colour of the poinsettia appears on modified leaves called bracts.

When transporting your poinsettia home, protect it from cold drafts and wind. Even with a sleeve or paper wrapping try to avoid extended exposure to cold temperatures, as leaves will drop as a result. Once indoors remove wrapping as soon as possible. If a plant has been in plastic too long the leaves may yellow and drop.

With a little care poinsettias should maintain their colour throughout the holiday season and into the New Year. Here are a few tips to keep you and your poinsettia happy:

  • Place plant in a bright spot, but not in direct sunlight. Keep plant away from drafty windows and doors, as well as other sources of extreme hot and cold (ex. top of television, near radiator, etc.)
  • Poinsettias should not be over-watered. Water only when soil surface is dry to the touch. If plant is in a decorative pot cover, pour off any excess water that may accumulate in the pot cover.
  • The leaves and sap of the poinsettia may cause skin irritation or slight allergic reaction.
  • Decorating with evergreen boughs and berries is becoming more popular every year. Here are a few tips to ensure success…


    We build a variety of sizes of evergreen planters at TERRA Greenhouses. They can be used as a decorative arrangement on their own or they also fit nicely into an urn or zinc planter. A 10” pot will fit into a standard 24” urn, and a 12” pot will fit into a 30” urn.


    10” Pot
    3 bunches of greens
    2 accent bundles

    12” Pot
    4 bunches of greens
    3 accent bundles

    Cedar and Pine are the easiest greens to work with when building these planters.

    Accent bundles may consist of berries, eucalyptus, boxwood, magnolia, pine cones, dogwood, curly willow… or whatever else your heart desires.


    STEP 1

    Start by placing a tall straight piece of evergreen in the center of your planter. Use some of the smaller pieces of greens to build the edges of your planter.

    STEP 2

    Fill in the planter between the centerpiece and the edges with the remainder of the greens.

    STEP 3

    Add your accent bundles. Place 5 pieces of dogwood or curly willow in the centre of the planter. Add three groupings of eucalyptus / fruit / berries / pine cones at even distances around the planter.


    • Cut the ends off your evergreens, berries and eucalyptus before using in any arrangements.

    • Place the greens into an oasis or soil that can hold water. Keep the soil or oasis moist at all times.

    • Keep your evergreens at a temperature of about5-8 degrees celsius and away from windy, hotlocations where they would be allowed to dry out.

    • Items such as magnolia and berries may change colour slightly or start to dry out if the temperature falls below freezing. Don’t panic! This is natural and will not detract from the look of your arrangement.

    • Spray your evergreen arrangements with ‘Wilt Pruf’. This anti-desiccant product coats the evergreens and prevents them from drying out in the sun and wind (It’s also a wonderful way to keep your Christmas

    Mesh floral netting is a wonderful product for use both indoors and out. Try some of these great ideas in your home décor.

    Decorating a Christmas Tree

    2-3 Rolls of mesh required

    1. Allow the bolt of mesh to unroll slightly
    2. Start at the top of the tree placing the end of the mesh at the point of a branch on the tree. Bend the tip of the branch around the mesh to hold it in place
    3. Allow the mesh to drape approximately 8” – 10”, then pinch and use another piece of branch to hold it in place
    4. Continue draping and pinching, moving around the tree from the top down. Do not pull the mesh tight and leave approximately 18” of unwrapped tree in between
    5. At the bottom of the tree, pinch and secure the mesh in place as above.

    Making a Bow

    1 roll of 21” mesh will make 2-3 large bows

    1. Leave a tail of approximately 24”
    2. Hold the mesh in your left hand (if you are left-handed, instructions are opposite)
    3. Using your right hand, make a large loop and pinch together with the first loop
    4. Make another loop on the other side the samesize and pinch
    5. Continue in a “figure-8” fashion to create threelarge loops the same size on each side
    6. Tightly wire the centre of the bow
    7. Cut the mesh leaving a second tail of 24”

    TERRA Tips

    Mesh bows can be used both inside and out with any size of mesh, 21”, 11” or 6” widths. Attach a large bow on either side of the garage door, on a light post, or on the front door. Use high impact colours of mesh to wind and drape through outdoor greenery bushes and trees.

    Decoarating a Wreath

    1 roll of 5”-6” mesh required

    1. Unroll the mesh slightly
    2. Start anywhere on the wreath. Pinch the end of the mesh and hold it in place with a piece of the greenery from the wreath
    3. Allow slight draping, leaving approximately 4” – 6” depending on the size of your wreath, in between each drape, pinch and attach using a greenery piece
    4. Continue until you have the desired amount of mesh throughout your wreath.